Working to fulfill the promises of the EuroMaidan

In Ukraine, CIPE is implementing its largest program in Europe and Eurasia. For over 20 years, CIPE has helped to strengthen Ukrainian business associations, building their organizational capacity and providing them with the skills to advocate for critical reforms. The country embarked on an ambitious reform push in 2014, but the persistence of endemic corruption, entrenched elites, weak institutions, and declining standards of living threaten Ukraine’s transition to a full-fledged democracy. In response, to help ensure that democracy succeeds, CIPE is working from its offices in Washington and Kyiv with partners in Ukraine’s private sector, civil society and government, including regional and national business associations, local-level policymakers and think tanks, to identify and implement effective reforms. Among other issues, CIPE and its partners are supporting the ongoing decentralization of regulatory and budgetary authority by helping associations assess regulations for their corruption potential, as well as the costs of regulation for business and local governments, resulting in evidence-based policy recommendations that have gained support from local government officials.

Complementing this work, CIPE partners with Stanford University’s Leadership Academy for Development and the Ukrainian Catholic University’s School of Public Management to teach local policymakers how to effectively collaborate with civil society voices, fostering cross-sector support for needed reforms. Finally, to build a culture of ethical business in the country, CIPE supports the Corporate Governance Professional Association to train both Ukrainian SMEs and state-owned enterprises in compliance skills and transparent governance approaches.