Supporting Freedom and Independence
Photo: Carillet

Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction planning are a growing focus for the international community, and CIPE is playing a significant role. CIPE’s Kyiv-based staff has managed to remain in Ukraine since Russia invaded, working closely with a network of more than 200 business associations and chambers of commerce. The business groups are providing vital services and leadership in close coordination with all levels of government, lending expertise and resources for everything from humanitarian aid distribution to repairing military equipment. With support from CIPE, private sector leaders are already initiating reforms and business agendas that they believe cannot wait, including anti-corruption efforts to minimize war-time fraud and keep supply chains moving. They assert that that Ukraine’s business community is well-positioned to drive change and must have a seat at the table with decision-makers to ensure a clear break from the past and put Ukraine on a path to modernization.

The Ukrainian private sector leaders are pressing for action in many key areas as part of efforts to attract much-needed investment: battling disinformation, digitalization, tax reform, and measures to ensure fiscal transparency. Meanwhile, CIPE and colleagues are providing assessments and in-person briefs to government officials and others.