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CIPE’s Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment

03.16.2021 | Video | Barbara Langley |
  Women entrepreneurs worldwide face barriers to business, including laws or policies that restrict their ability to own property, secure loans, and take goods to market. CIPE believes that equal participation by women in the economy strengthens both free markets and democracy. CIPE’s proven...

The Post Pandemic Future of ESG: An Event Series

10.20.2020 | Video | Anna Kompanek, Nicole Y. Lamb-Hale |
  Prior to the pandemic, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and ESG investing were gaining traction globally. Has this changed? In this series, experts from the Duff & Phelps Institute and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) will look at the impact of th...

Why Corrosive Capital is a Danger to the Future of Eastern Europe?

08.26.2020 | Video |
The discussion “Why Corrosive Capital is a Danger to the Future of Eastern Europe” carried out on Wednesday, August 26, at 16:00 in Zoom. Discussion agenda 16:00–16:10 Keynote speech «How the world’s corrosive capital is destroying democracies» Natalia Otel Belan, Regional Direct...

Democratizing Globalization: A Conversation with Soji Apampa

08.13.2020 | Video |
  This video is a part of an ongoing series on think tanks and the Free Enterprise Democracy Network (FEDN). In this interview, we are joined by Soji Apampa, Co-Founder & CEO of The Convention on Business Integrity. CIPE is proud to be a part of FEDN’s network of experts to create a ...

Liberal Views and Responses Worldwide: Be Aware of Be Next

07.22.2020 | Video
  Martina Hrvolova, Program Officer for Europe at CIPE served on a panelist of speakers for the event, “Liberal Views and Responses Worldwide: Be Aware of Be Next.” Listen to the full recording to hear her insights.  ...

Ask The Experts – Association Response to Pandemic and Economic Recovery

05.06.2020 | Video
  Bob Harris is a specialist in governance and organizational management. Grace Nzou runs her Kenyan public relations company and shares her insight on internal/external communications. CIPE’s Wumi Gbadamosi runs our office in Nigeria and has over 20 years’ experience consulting with Afric...

COVID-19 and Corruption: The View from South Asia

05.05.2020 | Video |
  South Asian countries are taking dramatic steps to counter the outbreak of COVID-19. The economic toll has taken center stage as lockdowns affecting hundreds of millions lead to widespread factory closures and layoffs. As government leaders contemplate a fallout worse than the 1997-1998 Asia...

Association Strong: Pandemic and Economic Recovery – Part 2

05.05.2020 | Video
  This is the second part of a two-part series on associations response to COVID-19 featuring associations expert, Bob Harris, CAE. This presentation addresses important response and recovery efforts to be made by associations. Bob Harris, CAE, earned his designation of certified association ...
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