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CIPE Hosts Roundtable About Informal Economy in Ethiopia

12.15.2021 | CIPE in News | CIPE East Africa Regional Office in Addis Ababa
CIPE’s East Africa Office, in collaboration with Abega Management plc, holds round table discussions on the topic “Advantages and Disadvantages of Informal Economy in Ethiopia” under the project named, “Empowering Marginal Economic Actors through Policy Reform from the Bottom Up.”  T...

CIPE Expert Discusses Supporting Democracy on Bangladesh Program

11.30.2021 | CIPE in News | CIPE
CIPE’s Aarya Nijat joined the program Tritiyo Matra (Third Dimension) in Bangladesh to discuss South Asian perspectives on democracy, opportunities for reversing the backsliding of democracy there, the role of the private sector at national and regional levels and expectations for the upcomin...

CIPE Leaders Discuss Defending Against Authoritarianism on Bangladesh Program

11.11.2021 | CIPE in News | CIPE
CIPE’s Andrew Wilson and Kim Bettcher joined the talk show Tritiyo Matra in Bangladesh on Nov. 8 along with Dr. Ali Riaz. They discussed defending against authoritarianism. Watch here:, here: or here:

CIPE Hosts Conference on Development in Ethiopia

11.10.2021 | CIPE in News | CIPE East Africa Regional Office in Addis Ababa
CIPE’s East Africa Office organized an economic policy discussion among private sector representatives, academia and concerned government officials on the 10 Year’s Development Plan of Ethiopia. The main focus of the discussion was assessing the strengths and gaps of the plan in terms of con...

How Digitisation and Transparency Will Drive Private Sector Growth

10.25.2021 | CIPE in News | CIPE
CIPE’s Lola Adekanye co-authored a piece for “the africa report” about how Africa’s digital transformation can reduce the cost of doing business and boost private markets. “As the world looks to build back better, how do we improve financing to the private sector engin...

The economics behind Min Aung Hlaing’s grand delusions

10.04.2021 | CIPE in News | Khine Win
In Myanmar’s Frontier magazine, Khine Win explains that Senior General Min Aung Hlaing has attracted ridicule for airing grand development plans at a time when the economy is in crisis, but even the regime’s more rational economic goals are unlikely to be achievable. ...
113 Items