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Innovation is a Necessity for Survival

04.28.2020 | CIPE Insights | Karim Shaaban
“Innovate or die” was coined by the father of business management, Peter Drucker. This concept cannot be truer and more urgent than now under the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic crisis.   Innovation is defined as an idea, method, process, product, or practical solution to meet a need...

The Urgency of Transparency

04.02.2020 | CIPE Insights | Karim Shaaban, Robert C. Harris
Editor’s Note: CIPE and partners around the globe are among those urging governments to ensure COVID-19 relief and response activities are transparent and corruption-free, so that citizens remain informed and receive the most benefit possible. The Lebanese Transparency Association has started ...

Three Reasons to be Optimistic About Trade in Latin America

01.27.2020 | CIPE Insights | José Raúl Perales
José Raúl Perales, Deputy Director at the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation explains the trends he sees in the region’s trade facilitation landscape. While speaking at a recent hemispheric business summit in Washington DC, a group of executives from several Latin American countries asked me...

Power Dynamics: Four Elements That Democracy Support Must Address

10.31.2019 | CIPE Insights | Andrew Wilson
Recently I had the pleasure and honor to speak before a group of African political and business influencers on the subject of women’s economic empowerment. I made a rather obvious statement that the economic empowerment of women leads to their political empowerment.  The statement seemed to reso...

CIPE Insights: Connecting the Dots in Private Sector Engagement

08.30.2019 | CIPE Insights | Kim Eric Bettcher
How do we engage the private sector? This question is being asked by governments, donors, and nonprofit organizations who see the inevitability of working with business on complex social challenges and yet struggle in finding ways to attract interest and steer cooperation. They want to do more with ...

CIPE Insights with Barb Langley

07.31.2019 | CIPE Insights | Barbara Langley |
    CIPE Insights with Barb Langley, Director for CIPE’s Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment on the importance of women’s empowerment programs. She discusses how empowerment programs are making a positive impact around the world. She also talks about how CIPE is on the leading e...
15 Items