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There Is More to Democracy That Delivers

08.13.2021 | CIPE Insights | Aarya Nijat
U.S. President Joe Biden will host a virtual democracy summit on December 9-10, 2021. The purpose of the summit is to exercise American leadership towards global democratic renewal by focusing across three principal themes: defending against authoritarianism, fighting corruption, and promoting r...

Building a More Fair and Vibrant Global Economy

03.02.2021 | CIPE Insights
Efforts to ensure gender equality and inclusion are growing priorities for communities and governments worldwide. Many are looking to CIPE’s Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment (CWEE) and its wide global partner network to help make change. CWEE, which officially celebrates its third annive...

Defining a New Social Contract: The Role of Business in Democracy

02.22.2021 | CIPE Insights | Andrew Wilson
Much of the world is increasingly concerned about inequality, climate change, and widespread political dysfunction. Over the past year, problems have been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic, also prompting new questions about whether the liberal democratic order established after World War II has ru...

The Role of Business in Building a Stronger American Democracy

01.21.2021 | CIPE Insights | Andrew Wilson
Though we have turned our calendars to 2021, the major challenges that faced the United States in 2020 have not yet abated. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated underlying inequities, while a bitterly contested election has laid bare our political divisions. Both took place against the backdrop of ...

Pricing Risk for Opportunistic Investment in Emerging Markets

01.15.2021 | CIPE Insights | Bill Endsley
Albania, Romania and North Macedonia have a degree of effective governance including the ability for citizens to petition the government and relatively free markets. The primary risk for investors in all of these countries is government regulation. While most of these countries have a favorable taxa...

Building Resilient Economies and Democracies in 2021 and Beyond

01.06.2021 | CIPE Insights
Building Resilient Economies and Democracies January is typically viewed as a time of transition and renewed hope for the future. For many, that includes a commitment to change and we can expect a lot of it in 2021. The new year starts with the slow rollout of COVID vaccines and intense debate over...

Businesses Must Build Trust for Post-COVID Rebuilding

09.21.2020 | CIPE Insights | Anna Kompanek
The Organisation for Economic Development and Co-operation (OECD) defines trust as a person’s belief that another person or institution will act consistently with the expectations of positive behavior. Trust in businesses and the economic institutions in which they operate is essential for the bro...
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