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The Coming Transformation of Ukraine

From Survival to Sustainable Development: Lessons Learned from CIPE’s Private Sector Approach Soon Ukraine will embark upon reconstruction in the aftermath of the full-scale Russian invasion, which has displaced around 10 million people and left the economy in shambles. Recovery costs, includ...

Why Do We Need Diversity and Inclusion?

CIPE Insight | Maciej Herman (he,him)
Although it is now over 20 years ago I still clearly remember the first study of so-called personality types I was a subject of in my first workplace, and here right after I had graduated from university.Due to the rather high attrition rate at that company, they repeated the study every year. The ...

Us, the Machines, and Democracy

CIPE Insight | Louisa Tomar
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are quickly evolving as the scale of computation power and the volume of data continues to grow. This technology already has major implications for society, business, governance, rule of law and human rights. Globally, norms and standards around AI&...

Meeting the Summit of the Americas Challenges

CIPE Insight | John Zemko
The Summit of the Americas held June 6-10 should spur new dialogue between governments and businesses in the hemisphere on various challenges Many Latin American leaders at the Ninth Summit of the Americas face a stark reality: how to address increasing challenges to democracy in the region. Econom...

Whither Democracy? Perspectives from South Asia

CIPE Insight | Aarya Nijat
Aarya Nijat in Conversation with Akash Shrestha, Dr. Ali Riaz, Dr. Nishan De Mel & Dr. Vaqar Ahmed. Expert responses are almost verbatim, edited only for continuity, length and flow. President Biden is convening a virtual Summit for Democracy on December 9-10. This will be the first of two summi...

Make 2022 a Year of Action to Promote Democracy and Opportunity

CIPE Insight | Andrew Wilson
This December, the Biden Administration will convene the first-ever Summit for Democracy. This important gathering, with its three pillars – fighting authoritarianism, battling corruption, and advancing respect for human rights – comes at a critical moment. It will galvanize people who believe ...

Democracies Must Build Trust to Drive COVID-19 Recovery

CIPE Insight | Anna Kompanek
“Trust” means having a confident relationship with the unknown. According to Rachel Botsman, Trust Fellow at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, that includes enabling small and large acts of cooperation that add up to increased economic efficiency. Likewise, it is necessary for people ...
34 Items