Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Colombia: Making Trade of Essential Goods Simpler, Faster and More Cost-Effective

03.01.2020 | Case Studies
COLOMBIA Introducing a risk management system for Colombia’s National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute  Timeframe: August 2017 – August 2019 Donor funding: USD 157,812 In-kind contribution from business: USD 150,220 CHALLENGE The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation worked with In...

CIPE’s Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Practical Guide for Civil Society Organizations

02.06.2020 | Guides & Tools
Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Practical Guide for Civil Society Organizations is a handbook to assist business associations and civil society organizations in emerging markets and developing countries with conducting cost-benefit analyses of proposed policies or reforms, and to present their findings in...

Samriddhi – Arthalaya

11.11.2019 | Case Studies
Organization:  Samriddhi – The Prosperity Foundation Country: Nepal Name of the Practice/Program: Arthalaya: A School of Economics and Entrepreneurship. Start date: January 2009   1. What is the problem addressed by this practice? Owing to predominant socialist thoughts in the political-econ...

Leading Practice: Instituto Invertir – EmprendeAhora

11.11.2019 | Case Studies
Organization: Instituto Invertir Country: Peru Name of the Practice/Program: EmprendeAhora Start date: February 2008   1. What is the problem addressed by this practice? EmprendeAhora is a training program that was design to change the bad attitudes and wrong concepts that university studen...

Making Development Co-Operation More Effective – 2019 Progress Report

11.01.2019 | Case Studies
CIPE was quoted in page 160 of the “Making development co-operation more effective – 2019 Progress Report” by the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-Operation in conjunction with the OECD and UNDP.   “The capacity to engage in dialogue – together with the enab...

Leading Practice: Fedesarrollo – Policy Paper and Presidential Debates

10.31.2019 | Case Studies
Organization: Fedesarrollo Country: Colombia Name of the Practice/Program: Policy Papers and 2010 Presidential Debates Start date: October 2009   1. What is the problem this practice addresses? Following a first round election on May 30, Colombians elected a President in a run-off on June 20, 2010....

Case Study: Tunisia National Business Agenda and Regional Business Agendas

10.15.2019 | Case Studies
A national business agenda (NBA) is a vital tool for the business community to encourage investment and stimulate business activity and economic growth. Developing an agenda mobilizes the business community to use its skills to effect public policy reform by setting legislative and regulatory priori...

Why Institutions are Essential to Entrepeneurship

10.15.2019 | Articles | Mary M. Shirley
Article at a glance The gradual emergence of economic institutions encouraged impersonal, long-distance trade to flourish. Entrepreneurship will flourish only in economies where institutions reduce transaction costs, protect property and individuals from private theft and state confiscation, and en...

Corporate Anti Bribery And Corruption Compliance Capacity Survey Report – Sudan

10.10.2019 | Guides & Tools
CIPE, in partnership with Al-Oula for Financial and Accounting Studies conducted a study in Sudan on companies’ awareness and understanding of anti-corruption compliance, how they are mitigating corruption, and the extent of adoption of international standards on anti-corruption. This study provid...
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