Rebuild with Trust: How Ukraine’s Private Sector Can Strengthen the Integrity of Reconstruction and Combat Corruption

Guides & Tools | Ekaterina (Katya) Lysova, Sofiia Sapihura

Improving Business Integrity in Ukraine

The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to Russia’s full-scale assault shows the country’s unwavering determination to win the war and join the European Union and NATO. But the country’s fight against corruption will also determine Ukraine’s future as a democratic country. This report uses regulatory analysis, polling data, and field research to outline 23 recommendations for business integrity and oversight in Ukraine. They focus on two types of actions: building private-sector capacity and promoting regulatory and institutional incentives. They can be used by Ukraine’s international partners and the broader international development and donor community, as well as domestic decision-makers who want to strengthen the Ukrainian private sector’s ability to combat corruption.

Published Date: November 14, 2023