Center for Digital Economy & Governance (CDEG)

Reinforcing Democracy in the Digital Age

Technology is increasingly being leveraged to transform political, economic, social, and civic participation. CIPE’s Center for Digital Economy and Governance (CDEG) advances inclusive and democratic digital transformation in emerging economies. CDEG does this by supporting private sector leadership in efforts to address complex policy challenges and ongoing access barriers. This includes identifying new ways to harness technology for innovation and opportunity.

“Businesses – regardless of size or location – can bridge digital divides, advance democratic rights and values, and promote equitable opportunity in an increasingly digital world through leadership on policy dialogue, advocacy, and partnerships with governments and civil society.”
– CIPE CDEG Director Louisa Tomar

CDEG supports CIPE’s extensive network of partners and activities across more than 100 countries.

Through its programs, CIPE and partners are also actively addressing complex challenges to inclusive and democratic digital ecosystems.

At the Center: Local Business

CDEG’s digital democracy programs span two mutually reinforcing areas to raise awareness, address shrinking civic spaces, and advance technology-enabled democracy and economic development. Local business is at the center of policy advocacy and dialogue.

Advancing Inclusive Digital Economies

Promoting Democratic Digital Governance

  • Business-led policy advocacy
  • Public-private dialogue  
  • Building digital literacy and skills among businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs
  • Promoting digital and financial inclusion
  • Combating technology facilitated gender-based violence and harassment (TFGBV)
  • COVID19 recovery and resiliency initiatives
  • Anticipating future of business, jobs, and work



  • Promoting democratic technology norms and standards
  • Introducing constructive capital concepts
  • Countering digital authoritarianism, surveillance, and censorship
  • Upholding internet freedom and digital rights
  • Supporting healthy media ecosystems and information integrity
  • Managing tech risks, compliance, and accountable AI
  • Offering Tech4Dem tools on digital security and other key concepts

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