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Emerging Blockchain Technologies Have the Potential to Transform Society

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have dominated the news in recent months as their values have skyrocketed. However, blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies, is equally worthy of hype. Many actors from both the private and public sectors are quickly recognizing blockchai...

Helping Women Start and Grow Businesses in Jordan

The Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women Helps Women Establish and Grow Successful Businesses in Jordan. CIPE’s work described in this story was made possible by a grant from USAID LENS to support and upgrade the services of business associations in Jordan to better serve their micro ...

Democracy that Delivers #109: Think Tank CARE Algeria’s Samy Boukaila

03.13.2018 |
Algeria continues to face important challenges posed by the fall in oil prices four years ago, according to the IMF. Mission Chief for Algeria Jean-Francois Dauphin and his team completed a routine visit to the nation in early March. Their discussions with Algerian government officials focused on t...

Partner Portraits: Sri Lanka’s Rezani Aziz

Economic empowerment for women continues to be a top concern worldwide. One inspirational leader and CIPE partner is Rezani Aziz, who recently founded the Federation of Women Entrepreneur Associations of Sri Lanka (FWEASL). Nearly 40 percent of women there are unemployed. Aziz described some of the...

New Global Consortium Takes Holistic Approach to Empowering Women and Girls

The benefits of women’s economic empowerment are clear and well documented. When women are economically empowered, communities and families prosper. When more women participate in the labor force and civil society, they not only contribute to more inclusive economic growth but also lead governmen...

Countering Afghanistan’s Drug Trade Requires Meaningful Economic Reform

The past year in Afghanistan has been marked by a continued deterioration of political, economic, and security conditions. Analysts estimate that a full one-third of the country is under Taliban control or is contested between insurgent and government forces, while the National Unity Government’s...

To Help Reform Work in Ukraine, LADU Looks at the Supply Side

Ukraine has no shortage of citizens who envision a better future for their country. They are the ones who led the 2014 Revolution of Dignity and continue to fight against corruption and for improved standards of living and freedom. Yet nearly four years later, preliminary reform efforts have not ga...
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