CIPE Online Course — Harnessing the Power of the Digital Economy: MSME Guide to Digital Transformation

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Available in English, Amharic, Armenian, Spanish, and Tok Pisin

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the transformation of economic markets, forcing many business owners to rapidly adapt their businesses to leverage new technologies, platforms, and payment options in order to stay afloat. For many, this heightened reliance underscores the need for entrepreneurs and business owners to acquire foundational digital literacy skills to find new ways to compete in the digital marketplace.

To support this endeavor, CIPE and Layertech Software Labs co-developed “Harnessing the Power of the Digital Economy: MSME Guide to Digital Transformation.” This interactive training program supports entrepreneurs to build their digital literacy skills, innovate, and grow their business ventures online! This 4-part course will focus on the following key competencies and skills :

The online course also contains a fifth module which serves as a facilitator’s guide for business organizations or other support organizations to aide businesses as they take the course and transition their business online.

By the end of this course, participants will learn how to use digital tools and platforms to support their businesses’ engagement in e-commerce, including e-payment, delivery, and logistics platforms. They will also learn how to leverage data and analytics for improved business decision-making and understand how to better secure their businesses from common cyberthreats. Through this training, audiences will also obtain the key competencies and skills to expand economic opportunity through improved participation in the digital economy.

To get started, please sign-up for free via the Layertech website, here!

Este curso también está disponible en español.

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Published Date: November 09, 2021