Vision & Values

Our Vision

A world where democracy delivers the freedom and opportunity for all to prosper.

Economic and political freedom are essential to deliver universal opportunity for prosperity. A democracy delivers for its citizens when the rule of law, public participation in policymaking, and a level economic playing field exist. Strong democracies feature effective governments that are accountable, transparent, and responsive, as well as a vibrant private sector that is inclusive, ethical, empowered, and engaged.

CIPE works with local business leaders to expand the opportunity for inclusive growth through market-led solutions. CIPE programs promote a rule-based system which emphasizes principles of democratic governance, enables entrepreneurship, opens trade, and fights corruption. CIPE and its global partner network create knowledge and practical tools to drive local change.

Our Values

At CIPE, three core principles guide our organizational mission and work ethic: respect, integrity, and excellence.

We respect the needs and aspirations of our employees, partners, donors, and the citizens of the countries in which we work. We believe integrity is more than simply being honest and transparent. It means exercising good judgment, responsible stewardship of resources, and rigorous evaluation of program outcomes. As we do our work, CIPE strives for and demands excellence at every turn and at all levels. To fulfill these core principles, CIPE embraces the following additional values to guide our work and interactions with others:

  • Local Ownership: CIPE encourages local ownership of programs to ensure sustainable impact and democratic participation. Our initiatives are reliant upon, driven by, and respectful of local partners and needs. In support of democratically-driven local ownership, we partner with in-country allies and key stakeholders to ensure there is local leadership and acceptance.
  • Inclusion: CIPE recognizes the diversity within the private sector. We actively work to engage and assist a wide array of partners and stakeholders, including marginalized groups, to support their full participation in the business community. To that end, we respect and invite participation from people representing all economic strata, political affiliations, genders and ethnic and religious backgrounds.
  • Learning & Innovation:  In determining what works, CIPE is committed to learning from both our successes and shortcomings. We adapt to new challenges and achieve our goals by applying innovative approaches to our work, as well as integrating proven techniques, tools, and lessons learned. We recognize that some of the best lessons learned come from instances where we don’t meet our goals, so we continually look to solve challenges by learning from our mistakes.
  • Accountability:  CIPE strives to be accountable to the communities in which we work, to the partners we support, and to those who fund our work. We practice openness and transparency about what we do and the results of our work, striving to uphold the highest standards of excellence and ensure our best efforts on a consistent basis. We are continually updating our strategies and approaches so that we can deliver the most effective programming possible.