Asia’s Path Forward

The Asia’s Path Forward (APF) Initiative seeks to gather perspectives from experts across the region, drawing on a network of thought leaders to address governance issues and economic challenges facing their respective countries amidst the ongoing pandemic. APF articles will provide in-depth analysis and identify policy solutions to make gradual reform possible.

APF articles reflect the six essential themes of post-COVID economic recovery:

  • Restarting Economies,
  • Diversifying Supply Chains
  • Combating Corruption
  • Authoritarianism and Challenges to Democracies
  • Economic Challenges for Women and Marginalized Groups, and
  • Chamber and Association Responses and Strategies

It is our hope that the APF Initiative will provide unique and original assessments that will generate knowledge to fill information gaps, help inform policy makers and relevant stakeholders of local developments, and encourage local ownership of programs to ensure sustainable impact and democratic participation.