Geopolitics of the Pandemic: Bangladesh Perspective

07.02.2021 | Articles | Zillur Rahman

Executive Summery

A flare-up of a COVID-19 pandemic disease, caused by a novel coronavirus, has posed a serious risk to global human health. Bangladesh has also come under the invasion of this viral disease. Since the Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 began its spread across the world, many analysts have contemplated about its jolt- would it simply accelerate previously-existing directions, or would it prove to be a geopolitical ‘game-changer’, creating a world completely different than before? The answer is much more complicated than either or- the world during and after COVID-19 will have components of both, the old and the new, the known and the unknown.

Being the third most immensely colossal Muslim country in the world, as well as the second in the region the geopolitical worth of Bangladesh incremented on multiple aspects.  The geographical location of Bangladesh within the ‘geo-strategic frontier’ of India, South Asia’s most puissant nation. Moreover, Bangladesh is in a close proximity with Asia’s most astronomically immense potency China, which is considered as a matter of concern for both the US and India, the strategic competitor of China. And existing geo-strategic atmosphere brought challenges for Bangladesh from different prospect like national security, economic advancement, energy security and military magnification.

Since Bangladesh possesses significant geopolitical importance among South Asian countries, so both regional and global platforms must be created and expanded to diminish all other officious influences from neighboring and international stakeholders. On this point, both Europe and America should focus on the geo-strategic settings of the country resides in South Asia and on the brink of the Bay of Bengal.