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The Role of Business Associations in Democracy

Business associations contribute immensely to economic growth, development, peace, and prosperity.  They play a key role in building inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystems and can bolster the ability of firms of all sizes to grow and create jobs. Business associations are integral to the democratic...

A Ray of Hope on Health Care from an Unlikely Source

  A hip replacement in the United States, paid for out-of-pocket (i.e., without health insurance), would cost anywhere from $11,000 to $125,000, depending on what hospital you go to, according to a 2013 survey of 100 hospitals featured on National Public Radio. And that was among the hospitals...

Iran’s New Government Moves Ahead with Economic Reforms

Because of sanctions and a host of other fundamental issues, the newly-elected Iranian government faces serious economic challenges — including a shrinking economy, double-digit inflation, and high unemployment — that it will need to overcome in order to fulfill the high hopes for reform that l...

Rebalancing China’s Economy: More than Just Numbers

Over the past thirty years, China’s GDP has soared from $140 billion to nearly $6 trillion. This phenomenal growth has been sustained at double-digit rates largely through a reliance on exports from heavy industry. Recently however, slow growth in the US and a renewed crisis in Euro zone countrie...

The Informal Sector: Opportunity or Problem?

Recently we were asked whether the informal economy might prosper in the long term in the developing world, or if it should be curbed as a hindrance to development. Informal business accounts for 35-50% of GDP in many developing countries and more in some cases. Paradoxically perhaps, the sector con...

Views on Democracy and Market Economy 20 Years After the Wall Fell

Does preference between having a strong economy or democracy depend on a country’s income level? Why do some countries value economic prosperity over democracy and others think democracy is much more important? Why do some countries put their faith in democratic governments and others in strong le...

The Social Costs of Political Mistakes

Here is another one in a series of stories that BBC continues to publish highlighting the plight of people in Zimbabwe. This one is on teachers left to make their own living in the informal sector by all means possible and the overall collapse of the education system. If this keeps up, I wonder how ...

Resurrecting the Past in Iraq

The Iraqi government is growing in size, steadily moving towards pre-2003 levels, according to this NY Times piece by Campbell Robertson. Not only the growth in the size of the government is putting pressures on the budget, it is also a sign of another worrisome trend – the inability of the privat...

Venezuelan Boligarchy

An article about Venezuela in the most recent Economist made me think of doublespeak ominously echoing back to the rhetoric common in the pre-1989 Soviet bloc. Contrary to the Orwellian newspeak, “the only language in the world whose vocabulary gets smaller every year,” Venezuelan doublespeak se...

iPhone iClone — Pyrite or Progress?

Chinese production standards are getting lots of headlines these days with recalls of products manufactured under license making daily news in the U.S. One segment of Chinese production has not been much of a focus of that story, and is an open secret that causes further concern: the millions of fak...
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