Boosting Association Revenue in Africa

Case Studies in Raising Revenues

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) supports chambers and associations around the world to become change agents and representatives of their business communities, which can improve democratic outcomes and create economic opportunities for all citizens. Over its 40-year history, CIPE has partnered with thousands of associations around the world and incorporated lessons learned into programs for building leadership, improving governance, engaging stakeholders, sharing information, and raising revenues.

As part of this continuous learning, CIPE is sharing case studies and success stories from different business associations and chambers of commerce across Africa in raising revenues through a diversity of products, programs and services. Diversification of revenues is critical for building sustainable and resilient associations. The ability to raise funds ensures that associations can pay their staff but also serve their members and other business stakeholders. In times of crisis, it is important that funds are available through diverse sources. Successful associations will be able to raise revenues year after year and leadership can take corrective action when revenues appear to be diminishing. All associations’ products and services have different lifecycles and over time associations need to adapt and develop new offerings that cater to the different demands of their members and stakeholders.

African business associations and chambers of commerce are resilient and have developed innovative products and services that are sometimes unique to specific countries. The goal of this online resource is to inspire association leaders to develop new products and services, raise revenue and ensure their organization’s financial sustainability. CIPE welcomes contributions from any chamber of commerce and business association that has developed a unique product or service that helps raise revenues and will continue to add to this online resource.

If you want to contribute your association’s case study, please send us a brief description (300 words) of your service, three photos, a presentation of your association (300 words,) and your name, title and e-mail address.

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