Africa Business Integrity Network

Strengthening Private Sector Participation in Anti-Corruption Efforts

Business Integrity Program in Africa

CIPE launched a flagship anti-corruption compliance training of trainers program for African professionals in May 2017 to unlock the potential for the business communities in Africa to combat corruption through increased adherence to high standards of business ethics and integrity. Participating organizations in the CIPE anti-corruption compliance training of trainers program are members of the Africa Business Integrity Network (ABIN) who share a common objective to promote corporate ethics, integrity, and compliance with laws and regulations that prevents corruption and illicit transactions in Sub Sahara Africa.

Until now, the efforts to reduce corruption in Africa has placed responsibility on governments and on civil society organizations through regulation of the behavior of public officers or through various transparency initiatives and naming and shaming the recipients of bribes: politicians, public servants and employees of state-owned enterprises. This focus on the demand-side of corruption has left the supply-side which are businesses and investors in Africa quite passive in the efforts to tackle corruption creating a vulnerability in the business environment that makes businesses both enablers, facilitators, and yet victims of corruption. As long as the private sector has willing bribe payers who believe that bribes, kickbacks, and other forms of fraud are an inevitable cost to doing business in Africa, there will be little change to these corrupt practices that disenfranchise and complicate business on the continent.

Enabling Business Leadership on Anti-Corruption Efforts

To reverse this trend, CIPE and the members of the ABIN, believe that businesses are capable of preventing corruption and increasing transparency, accountability and integrity in the business environment of their countries. Therefore the goal of ABIN is to empower businesses by raising awareness, providing access to compliance resources and tools, building capacity, and creating networks of like-minded businesses and professionals.

As African economies are continuing to integrate into global markets, this opens new opportunities to strengthen business integrity and gain a business advantage as they present low risk for Western companies such as US companies in complying with the FCPA and other extra territorial anti-corruption laws.

Through the ABIN, companies in 12 countries in Africa can access globally recognized standards of business integrity training and support to develop corruption mitigation systems and a culture of compliance. While this initiative empowers local businesses to mitigate corruption at the firm level, CIPE also works with strategic private sector partners at an institutional level to advocate for institutional and governance reform that promotes transparency at the local, state, and national level. To meet ABIN members click here: CIPE Business Integrity Partners

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