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Meet the New Platform My Tax Developed by Talas

05.17.2019 | CIPE in News
This news update was originally published on the Talas website.   From now on, the new MOJ POREZ platform offers you a quick, easy and easy way to determine how much tax you pay to your country during the year and how your tax expires. Responding to just a few anonymous questions about your in...

Why We Can’t Get Enough of Ukraine

05.06.2019 | CIPE in News | Francis Fukuyama
This article originally appeared on the Atlantic Council.    The impact one can have on building institutions like the modern state, the rule of law, and democracy is limited. The area where it’s easiest is the third category, building democracy. The first two, building the modern state an...

Eric Hontz: Welcome to post-, post- Soviet Ukraine

05.03.2019 | CIPE in News | Eric Hontz, Caroline Elkin
This article originally appeared in the Kyiv Post.      The election of Volodomyr Zelenskiy marks a generational change in power in Ukraine. It is now a post-post-Soviet world. At age 41, President-elect Zelenskiy spent the majority of his school years in an independent Ukraine. His worl...

Eric Hontz Interviewed for Voice of America on Ukrainian Election

05.02.2019 | CIPE in News | Eric Hontz
American experts appreciated Zelensky’s chances of resisting Putin. CIPE Senior Program Officer Eric Hontz is interviewed about the Ukrainian election results on Voice of America (VOA), alongside the President of the International Republican Institute (IRI) Daniel Twining. Watch the interview...

CIPE Corrosive Capital Report Highlighted in Fox News Editorial

02.04.2019 | CIPE in News | James Jay Carafano
This Opinion piece by James Jay Carafano of the Heritage Foundation originally appeared on Fox News. Read the original article here.   Everyone finally agrees China can’t be allowed to take over the world Oh my, how times have changed. Huawei executives doing the perp walk. American univ...

Blog by Regional Director Published on FCPA Blog

01.16.2019 | CIPE in News | Natalia Otel Belan, Yulia Glubokaya
  This blog originally appeared on the FCPA Blog.    Armenian businesses commit to compliance Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets in Eurasia must demonstrate the ability to assess and mitigate corruption risks in order to do business with multinational firms. The vas...

Andrew Wilson Presents Alongside Prime Minister of Tunisia

12.20.2018 | CIPE in News | Andrew Wilson
On December 7th and 8th, CIPE’s partner in Tunisia, the think tank Institut Arabe des Chefs d’Entreprises (IACE), held the 33rd edition of their annual summit in Tunis, Tunisia called: “Les Journées  de l’Entreprise.” CIPE’s Executive Director, Andrew Wilson, parti...

Building Inclusive Democracies: Empowering Women in Economic Life

12.14.2018 | CIPE in News
This post originally appeared on the International Foundation for Electoral Systems News section.        A briefing series inspired by sustainable development goal #5 (SDG5) by Deyala El-Haddad* On Wednesday, November 14, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) an...

CIPE and “Corrosive Capital” Quoted in Asia Times

12.10.2018 | CIPE in News
 This article originally appeared in the Asia Times.    China Shares Shiver Beyond US Trade Tread Chinese “A” shares were down 25% through November, double the MSCI core index loss, with cool economic and financial sector indicators offsetting the glow from suspension of further US tariff...

CIPE Supported Partner Report on Port Reform Cited in Bloomberg

11.15.2018 | CIPE in News
Bribes, Beatings and Gridlock at Ports Choke Nigeria Economy Congestion, delays at ports cost Nigeria $19 billion a year President Buhari says that the situation is a ‘major concern’ The lines of aging blue, red and yellow trucks begin almost 6 miles (10 kilometers) from the gates of Nigeri...

LIFE Project Featured in Top Turkish Daily Newspaper

11.15.2018 | CIPE in News
This post originally appeared on Hurriyet Daily News.  Istanbul gastro project promotes livelihoods of refugees The Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship (LIFE) project, launched in 2017, has been developing sustainable livelihoods in the food sector for refugees in Turkey. Altho...

Women In Business Marks Second Anniversary

11.08.2018 | CIPE in News
This article was originally published in the Papua New Guinea Post Courrier.   Women In Business Marks Second Anniversary PAPUA New Guinea Women’s Business Resource Centre which is a joint initiative of the United States and the Australian Government continues to support local PNG women ven...

CIPE Partner LIBEK Wins 2018 Think Tank Shark Tank Competition

11.08.2018 | CIPE in News
  This article was originally published on the Atlas Network.    PETAR ČEKEREVAC WINS 2018 THINK TANK SHARK TANK COMPETITION Atlas Network congratulates Petar Čekerevac of the Libertarian Club Libek for winning the 2018 Think Tank Shark Tank competition during Liberty Forum and Fr...
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