CIPE Partner Publishes Article on “Code of Good Practice – Dialogue Between Local Government and Business” Project in Poland 

CIPE in News

The leading online platform focusing on local governance matters in Poland, Portal Samorzadowy, has featured an article highlighting the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers’ (ZPP) project supported by CIPE, titled “Code of Good Practice – Dialogue Between Local Government and Business.” This initiative, conducted in partnership with local authorities in the Polish cities of Łódź, Częstochowa, Katowice, Kraków, Szczecin, and Suwałki, aims to unlock untapped potential in the collaboration between local governments and businesses. Despite Poland’s effective implementation of social dialogue at the national and regional levels, there is a gap in systematic solutions and effective practices at the local level, with only a limited number of communes embracing supportive measures for entrepreneurship. The project acknowledges the intrinsic partnership between these sectors and endeavors to formalize and enrich this cooperation through a comprehensive set of guidelines.

Launched in 2022, the initiative focuses on promoting transparent and accountable governance while fostering a business-friendly environment. The project’s groundwork involved research into the interactions between local businesses and government authorities, leading to reports that highlighted insights from entrepreneurs across the cities. These findings were then discussed in workshops, facilitating productive exchanges between entrepreneurs and government representatives. The initiative ultimately produced a “Code of Good Practices,” encompassing essential conclusions, recommendations, and a set of effective practices.

The project’s impact has been notable, as reflected in the active involvement of local authorities like Marcin Krupa, the Mayor of Katowice (one of the most industrial zones in Poland), and Adam Pustelnik, the 1st Deputy Mayor of Łódź (the third biggest city in Poland). The initiative has inspired solutions to improve communication and cooperation, such as creating dedicated communication channels and providing a single point of contact for entrepreneurs. The project’s success has led to its expansion, with new partners from additional cities joining in 2023. ZPP plans to continue promoting collaboration between local governments and businesses as a means of fostering economic growth and strengthening trust in local institutions.

Published Date: August 22, 2023