CIPE Recognized by Kyrgyzstan’s National Alliance of Business Associations for Supporting Role

CIPE in News

Ivan Geletiuk, Head of the Secretariat of the National Alliance of Business Associations (NABA), thanked CIPE for its aid and partnership throughout the 15-year history of the organization. NABA was formed in 2007 as the Kyrgyz Republic’s first national forum for business associations. Since its inception, the alliance has emerged as the largest representative of the country’s business community, and its primary voice in collaborating with the national government to improve the legal and business environment. A prime example of NABA’s advocacy was its work to ensure a voice for business during a tax-code reform process that reduced the rate for value-added taxes from 20 percent to 12 percent. Other examples include advocating for laws to expand the insurance sector’s role in risk management for businesses and for the elimination of import duties for electric vehicles.

Reflecting back on its inception in 2007, Geletiuk thanks CIPE for its advisory and support role when Kyrgyz business leaders wanted to create the organization. CIPE maintains partnerships with more than 1,000 business organizations and chambers of commerce worldwide in more than 80 countries.

Read Geletiuk’s full statement here. 

Published Date: July 05, 2023