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The 2021 State of American Business

01.13.2021 | CIPE in News
State of American Business Event Over the past year, our country has been challenged in ways few could have planned for — or even imagined. From our public health to our economy to our politics, the road to recovery starts with healing a divided America. The business community can and must rally ...

Corrosive Capital and Serbian Mining

12.17.2020 | CIPE in News
On December 17, BBC news published an article covering CIPE and the Center for Contemporary Politics’ research into Chinese copper mining investment in eastern Serbia. Through analysis of the agreement between the Serbian government and the Chinese Zijin Mining Group, CIPE and its partner found Z...

WEF Article by Chandler Foundation CEO Mentions CIPE

12.17.2020 | CIPE in News
Trust is the glue of a healthy society. Here’s how to bring it back Chandler Foundation’s CEO Tim Hanstad recently published a piece on the World Economic Forum (WEF) that cites CIPE as an organization that works with governments to build the necessary systems and structures for a fair a...

Eric Hontz on Mujahid Talks – Is China Communist or Capitalist?

12.07.2020 | CIPE in News | Eric Hontz
Eric Hontz, CIPE’s Deputy Regional Director for Europe and Eurasia, was recently interviewed on Muslim TV Network’s talk show Mujahid Talks, on the subject of “Is China Communist or Capitalist?” Watch the full panel here: ...

CIPE partners, Ruslan Stefanov and Martin Vladimirov, Publish New Paper “Deals in the Dark: Russian Corrosive Capital in Latin America”

11.30.2020 | CIPE in News | Ruslan Stefanov, Martin Vladimirov
Full paper and information about the series can be found here.  This paper is a part of the Sharp Power and Democratic Resilience series published by the International Forum for Democratic Studies and the National Endowment for Democracy. This report analyzes Russian strategic corruption efforts ...

Corrosive Capital Mentioned in a European Western Balkans Article

11.04.2020 | CIPE in News
CIPE’s concept of “corrosive capital” frames an opinion piece by Tena Prelec.   Corrosive capital is not the whole story: Balkan political elites make use of foreign investments to further a narrative of themselves as ‘saviours’ of the nation. The problems of ‘corrosive ...

Term “Corrosive Capital” Used in Woodrow Wilson Center Webinar

10.23.2020 | CIPE in News
In a recent Woodrow Wilson Center webinar titled “Force Multipliers? U.S. and Taiwanese Interests in Latin America,” the CIPE-coined term ‘corrosive capital’ was used by Julie Chung, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. Chung also ...

Ukrgasbank Assets Mentions CIPE Transparency and Corporate Governance Efforts

10.15.2020 | CIPE in News
Read the full article here. “The Corporate Governance Professional Association and the CSR Development Center, with the support of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), have recently assessed Ukrainian companies for transparency in the corporate governance system and corpora...

Launch of COVID-19 Observatory in Guatemala

09.16.2020 | CIPE in News
In a recent news article in El Periodico of Guatemala, CIPE partner CIEN Guatemala’s COVID19 Investigation Observatory (“Observatorio”) launch is mentioned, as well as a quote from Deputy Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Martin Friedl. Friedl says that it is ...

A Call to Defend Democracy

06.25.2020 | CIPE in News
The COVID-19 pandemic threatens more than the lives and the livelihoods of people throughout the world.  It is also a political crisis that threatens the future of liberal democracy.   Authoritarian regimes, not surprisingly, are using the crisis to silence critics and tighten their politic...
97 Items