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CIPE featured in Business Day: “CIPE to Host First ABIN Award Event”

06.24.2022 | CIPE in News
The Center for International Private Enterprise is celebrating 5 years of professional commitment to championing Business Integrity in Africa by hosting the Maiden Edition of the Africa Business Integrity Network (ABIN) Awards & Recognition event. Since 2017, CIPE Africa has partnered with chang...

ABIN Award Event Featured in Business Day

06.24.2022 | CIPE in News
The Africa Business Integrity Network (ABIN) Awards & Recognition event was featured in a post on Business Day. The event will be on Tuesday, June 28 and is open for registration to attend physically or virtually. About the Event The Center for International Private Enterprise is celebrating 5 y...

CIPE Expert Quoted in WILD Network Impact Report

05.31.2022 | CIPE in News | Connie Gonzalez
Five Years of  WILD Impact and Learning  What the WILD Network has learnt about enabling great  leadership in a more inclusive global development sector “WILD is a movement to inspire and develop strong leaders in the global development and humanitarian sectors, and build global communities...

CIPE Expert Discusses China’s Ties with Russia

05.26.2022 | CIPE in News | Ritika Singh
As the ripple effects of Russia’s war with Ukraine continue to spread, the FiscalNote Executive Institute hosted a virtual roundtable looking at how China’s strategic ties with Russia would create geopolitical risk for companies. CIPE Global Program Officer Ritika Singh joined the panel discussi...

CIPE Expert Interviewed on Lessons Learned from Russia

05.25.2022 | CIPE in News | Jeff Lightfoot |
What does the crisis caused by Russia teach us and what will the world look like after the war? “The world is facing several simultaneous crises. However, the lack of trust that people, regardless of the country in which they live, have in the politicians who should represent them is becoming...

CIPE Expert Cited in Philippines Election Coverage

05.09.2022 | CIPE in News | Kim Eric Bettcher |
CIPE was cited in ABS-CBN News Channel‘s feature on the Philippines election focusing on the topic “Philippines business groups prepare wish list of economic programs and policy to benefit Philippine economy”. Our very own Dr. Kim Bettcher was cited on the importance of civil soc...

Corruption Risk Forecast Tool Featured on FCPA Blog

04.26.2022 | CIPE in News
Featured in a recent FCPA Blog: A groundbreaking new corruption analysis tool and website developed by CIPE’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center in partnership with the Berlin-based Hertie School of Governance. The Corruption Risk Forecast uses hard data to provide corruption and transparency...

CIPE Expert Quoted on EU Enlargement

03.17.2022 | CIPE in News | CIPE
“The world has changed dramatically since the EU integration process was designed more than two decades ago,” Natalia Otel Belan told bne IntelliNews. “With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world is split right in the middle: those who uphold democratic values and freedoms and those...

China’s Stake in the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

03.05.2022 | CIPE in News
CIPE-supported research is cited in a new Wall Street Journal article about China’s stake and role in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. While China is now Ukraine’s biggest trading partner, recent studies indicate that “Ukraine has not fallen into the Chi­nese or­bit as some other East­ern Eu­r...

Investing & Divesting Amid the Russian Attacks on Ukraine

03.04.2022 | CIPE in News | CIPE
CIPE experts are among those asked to provide insights on the increasingly complex foreign investment picture amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Many companies are signaling their intention to leave Russia, but are finding it to be easier said than done, as Russia implements new restrictions on glob...

CIPE Expert Quoted in VOA Story About Ukraine

02.27.2022 | CIPE in News | CIPE
CIPE Deputy Regional Director for Europe and Eurasia programs Eric Hontz spoke with VOA about ways to make sanctions against Russia more effective. Read more (in Ukranian).

CIPE Expert Quoted in Deutsche Welle Story About Chinese Investment

02.25.2022 | CIPE in News | CIPE
“As the world’s second-largest economy, with a large presence in many Francophone areas, it is natural that China and France should seek some sort of cooperation on infrastructure issues,” Eric K. Hontz told DW. “I do not think this marks a dramatic shift in the relationship ...

Advocacy network to address barriers affecting women

02.24.2022 | CIPE in News
With support from CIPE, the newly formed Papua New Guinea Business Advocacy Network (BAN) recently launched the country’s first-ever Women’s Business Agenda advocating for opportunities that advance the social and economic participation of women in Port Moresby. The women’s business agenda ide...

CIPE Expert Talks About Pandemic Recovery in the Philippines

02.22.2022 | CIPE in News | CIPE
As the country prepares for a presidential election in May, CIPE Philippines country director Ryan Patrick Evangelista appeared on the program Market Edge to discuss the steps a new government can take to speed economic recovery from the pandemic. Watch here: ...

CIPE Partner Profiled in Jeune Afrique

01.27.2022 | CIPE in News | CIPE
Aïssata Touré Coulibaly is President of the Network of Women Economic Operators of Mali, one of CIPE’s partners in the Coalition Economique du Sahel. She is profiled in Jeune Afrique for her work as an entrepreneur and her support for women’s empowerment. (The story is in French). &nb...
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