CIPE Partner Publishes Article on Safeguarding Digital Rights in Africa’s Growing Digital Economy

CIPE in News

CIPE’s partner, the Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA), published an article on the importance of safeguarding digital rights in a time of rapid digitalization across Africa. CIPESA outlined that “the adoption of technology tools and policies impacting the digital space should not only advance economic inclusion, but also be carefully assessed and implemented in a way that respects human rights in the digital age.” CIPESA also highlighted success stories and lessons from its Africa Digital Rights Fund (ADRF) Program, an initiative that supports organizations from across Africa to implement activities that advance digital rights. Participating organizations from the ADRF Program in countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, and Somalia have effectively advanced digital rights while supporting the development of an inclusive digital economy.

Read the full article here.

Published Date: February 13, 2023