Democracy That Delivers Podcast #64: Floreta Faber on How Leading a Business Association is Good Preparation for Being an Ambassador

04.18.2017 | Natalia Otel Belan |
From left: podcast guest Ambassador Faber; and hosts Natalia Otel Belan and Julie Johnson

On this week’s Democracy that Delivers podcast, Ambassador of the Republic of Albania, Floreta Faber, discusses her previous role as head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania and how she built the institution into one of the strongest associations in the country. She talks about establishing forums for public-private dialogue to present governments with business community perspectives. She also discusses the importance of focusing on collective issues rather than individual company needs. She offers advice to new associations establishing themselves in developing countries, including the importance of representing members equally and fairly, which, she says, is not always easy to do.

Ambassador Faber also discusses how leading a business association prepared her for being an Ambassador. Many issues she focused on at the Chamber of Commerce, including working for a better business environment, for economic growth, for more government accountability and transparency, fighting corruption, and improving economic ties between Albania and the U.S., she continues to work on in her current position. Finally, she talks about meeting President Trump, the huge responsibility she feels representing her country, and what she most admires about the United States.

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