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The South Caucasus is one of the most complex and diverse regions in the world. Nesting three countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia and several disputed territories, the region borders Europe and Asia and is home to the largest mountain range in Europe, the Greater Caucasus. 

This region was part of the Soviet Union until 1991. After gaining independence, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia each assumed unique struggles to stabilize their economies and establish new, independent political systems. Although military conflicts often lead headlines and analysis about the region, the South Caucasus holds significant promise with high literacy rates, steadily emerging market economies, and growing engagement with the West. 

Current Work


CIPE is working to strengthen the public-private dialogue ecosystem in Armenia through association capacity building and business advocacy efforts. CIPE also continues its cooperation with the Corporate Governance Center and the Business Integrity Club to promote business transparency and integrity, corporate governance, and anti-corruption while countering corrosive capital and illicit finance. CIPE is expanding its efforts on digitalization and information space integrity in Armenia by helping businesses with digital transition and corporate responsibility. Women’s economic empowerment also remains a focus in Armenia, after previous success supporting women’s leadership on corporate boards.  


Since 2022, CIPE has worked with local business association partners to implement entrepreneurship training tailored to the needs of women in seven regions of Azerbaijan through its “Women’s Empowerment Centers for Azerbaijan” project. In addition to formal trainings, CIPE also offers business mentorship opportunities and access to networking to support women with the skills, resources, and tools necessary to pursue entrepreneurship and increase their participation and leadership in local economies. Project Flyer


In 2023, CIPE launched the second phase of the “Engaging Workers and Civil Society to Strengthen Labor Rights Enforcement” project in partnership with the Solidarity Center. During the first phase of the project, CIPE assisted 70 Georgian businesses to strengthen their understanding of and compliance with Georgia’s new labor legislation and supported their advocacy efforts surrounding the reforms.

Through its Facebook Group, “Safe Business is Your Choice,” CIPE continues to raise awareness of labor compliance standards for over 2,000 business community representatives throughout Georgia.

CIPE is also an implementer of the USAID Economic Governance Program (EGP) as a subcontractor to Deloitte Consulting. This program works to promote a more inclusive business environment, attract foreign investment, and strengthen the Georgian private sector. 

Past Successes

CIPE has been active in South Caucasus over 20 years. Some recent highlights of CIPE’s work in the region include: 

In Armenia, CIPE partnered with the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia to raise awareness of the private sector’s role in protecting information space integrity and the importance of complying with Armenia’s new beneficial ownership legislation. CIPE also worked with the Corporate Governance Center to strengthen women’s representation in corporate governance and their capacity to serve on boards of directors.  

In Azerbaijan, CIPE implemented Women in Associations, a component of the USAID Private Sector Activity, as a subcontractor to Creating New Frontiers in Agriculture. Through this component, CIPE strengthened the capacity of 22 women’s business associations and promoted economic reforms to reduce barriers for businesswomen. CIPE and its local partners facilitated the development of Azerbaijan’s first ever private sector-led Women’s National Business Agenda (WNBA). Guided by the WNBA, Azerbaijan’s Parliament amended its Labor Code, introducing comprehensive changes including improved leave policies and greater representation of women in managerial roles.  

In Georgia, through its “Strong Associations – Strong Advocates” program, CIPE worked to strengthen over 20 business associations’ capacity in areas including membership development, strategic planning, advocacy, and Covid-19 response and recovery.