TV Appearance of CIPE Tunisia Country Representative

CIPE in News | Ali Ayadi

Tunis, Tunisia – Ali Ayadi, CIPE’s Country Representative in Tunisia was featured in a widely-viewed youth Television Talk Show entitled “I am the President” on a Carthage Plus TV Channel. The Program, which is supported by the Search for Common Ground aims at inspiring youth to actively engage in Tunisia’s political life and learn to offer policy solutions to the problems their country faces. During the program, Ali Ayadi stressed on the importance of distinguishing between the strictly illegal activities such as drug and arms trafficking and the doing business in the informal economy. He pointed out that inadequate laws, regulations, and heavy bureaucracy are some of the main reasons behind the explosion of the informal economy in Tunisia. He highlighted that the key steps to reducing the size of the informal is to reduce barriers to entry to formal business. Ali Ayadi stressed that in order to make progress on this front, the government must work with private sector organization, civil society, and other stakeholders to identify the solutions and to implement them in reality in order to help alleviate the problem of informality.

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Published Date: November 01, 2019