Democracy that Delivers #395: Innovating for Resilience: TÜRKONFED’s Response to Türkiye’s Earthquake Disaster

One year after devasting earthquakes in Türkiye, Erhan Arslan of TÜRKONFED joins Babak Yektafar, CIPE Program Director, and Stephen Rosenlund, Deputy Director of CIPE’s Middle East and North Africa Team. TÜRKONFED, a CIPE partner, is an independent business confederation representing 30 federations and 300 associations with more than 60,000 company members across Türkiye. Arslan, TÜRKONFED’s Deputy Secretary General – Project Development and Coordination, discusses his organization’s mobilization of business associations to assist with recovery, the collective action of the private sector in rebuilding communities, and their new report that highlights supply chain resilience for economic recovery.

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Published Date: March 14, 2024