Meet the New Platform My Tax Developed by Talas

05.17.2019 | CIPE in News

This news update was originally published on the Talas website.


From now on, the new MOJ POREZ platform offers you a quick, easy and easy way to determine how much tax you pay to your country during the year and how your tax expires.

Responding to just a few anonymous questions about your income as well as your consumer habits, you can see how your financing looks like some of the state’s most important public services.

All of us- employed, unemployed, employers, consumers, pensioners, we finance the state with our money. There is no state money – there is only the money of all of us, the taxpayer’s money that we pay to the state through various taxes, contributions, excises, customs and other non-tax levies for it to carry out our activities in our interest.

Platform M OJ POREZ points out how public services of the state are financed through our work and our spending.

The platform will also introduce you to all forms of taxation in Serbia. We will also see how the state is spending our money, which is the most important category of expenditure.

The particular aim of our platform is for each of us to see that a good part of the year we work for the state to provide funds for its functioning, and then for itself and for their families. The day that you are finally beginning to work for yourself and not for the state as your personal Day of Tax Liberation in Serbia!

The MOJ POREZ Platform, available today on the Talas site, has been developed in cooperation with the Lithuanian Free Market Institute LFMI, the Citizens Association Why not the Center for Policy and Management from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the support of the Center for International Private Enterprise from the USA. The original concept of such a Tax Calculator was developed by the Lithuanian Institute for the Free Market.