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Media Without Democracy, Democracy Without Media?

I’ve been following events in Georgia with some interest over the past few days. Police chasing protesters, government shutting down independent media, opposition leaders summoned to prosecutors’ office – rarely do headlines and photos capturing such events are associated with democracy. Its b...

Presidential elections: What’s ahead for Argentina?

Argentine presidential elections are coming up on October 28. So far, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, wife of the outgoing President Néstor Kirchner, is a decisive front runner. She is widely expected to win, riding on her husband’s wave of popularity generated by Argentina’s recovery from the...

Venezuelan Boligarchy

An article about Venezuela in the most recent Economist made me think of doublespeak ominously echoing back to the rhetoric common in the pre-1989 Soviet bloc. Contrary to the Orwellian newspeak, “the only language in the world whose vocabulary gets smaller every year,” Venezuelan doublespeak se...

The People’s 4th Estate

Recent protests by thousands of Chinese in the city of Xiamen show that armed with today’s technology even government censors can not fully stop the flow of news and information. The protesters took to the streets after several scientists raised concern about a new chemical plant but were dismisse...

King, Democracy, and Economic Growth in Thailand

The verdict of today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required) on the recent developments in Thailand – is that much will depend on the kings’ ability to support democracy if the country is to enjoy economic growth in the coming years. Early moves by the country’s new leadership thus far...

Bad Economic Decisions Lead to More Piracy

I think I mentioned several times on this blog that fake alcohol kills 42,000 people in Russia. Recent economic measures of the Russian government, intended to reduce that number…are actually going to increase it! The reason? Good intentions, bad implementation. Imported alcohol has disappeared fr...

From Agrarian Reform to Command Economy

As Alan Garcia is getting ready to celebrate his victory in the runoff presidential elections in Peru, Jefferson Morley at the Washington Post ponders whether the influence of the Left, particularly Hugo Chavez, is dwindling in Latin America. With Peru seemingly rejecting any serious reversals from ...

New Strategy Towards Russia

Who is to decide where Russia’s democracy and economy are heading? Certainly not the foreigners, according to Russian public officials and political experts, reports the Moscow Times: Russians now expect the West not to meddle in their internal politics and in their relations with former Soviet re...
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