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Channeling the Tide: Protecting Democracies Amid a Flood of Corrosive Capital

Introduction & Summary There is an alarming trend occurring worldwide that threatens democracy and free market principles. A growing volume of evidence indicates that many forms of capital emanating from authoritarian nations are having a corrosive effect on democratic institutions a...

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

10.30.2014 | Case Studies | Marc Schleifer, Maiko Nakagaki
Introduction Since the 1980s, a remarkable transformation has been underway in Bangladesh. Once the scene of chronic famine, the country is now food self-sufficient, and its economy has averaged around 6 percent growth in recent years. In the process, a booming, export-oriented garment sector has ge...

Corporate Governance in Family-Owned Companies in Pakistan

10.30.2014 | Case Studies | Moin Fudda
Introduction Family-owned firms face a unique set of challenges that are rooted in an organizational structure that prevents these enterprises from attracting and retaining high-quality human capital, obtaining lower cost debt and equity capital, and ensuring long-term competitiveness and sustainabi...

Tackling the Supply Side of Corruption in Thailand

09.30.2014 | Case Studies | John Morrell
Corruption is widespread in Thailand, hindering business activity and impeding economic growth. According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, Thailand ranks 102 out of 177 countries and territories. Since 2010, under the guidance of the Center for International Private E...

Instituting Improvements in Public Governance in the Philippines

09.04.2014 | Case Studies | John Morrell
Introduction At a conference held in Manila in 2013, the city of San Fernando presented the results of its work with the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), CIPE’s longtime public governance partner in the Philippines. The mayor of this bustling city of 250,000 in central Luzon explained that ...

Improving the Environment for Entrepreneurship in Nepal

08.13.2014 | Case Studies | Teodora Mihaylova, Sarita Sapkota
Introduction In 2006, Nepal emerged from a decade long insurgency and centuries-old monarchical governance. The country was undergoing a transition to democracy, characterized by elections and the adoption of a new constitution. Recognizing an opening in this new political context Samriddhi, The Pro...

The Philippine Experience in Transition

09.06.2012 | Articles | Jesus P. Estanislao
Article at a glance: • The experience of the Philippines can be instructive to countries currently undergoing their own democratic transitions. • Citizenship in a democracy requires responsibility. Rights and privileges must be accompanied by a sense of duty and social responsibility. • Democr...
66 Items