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2012 Annual Report

05.09.2013 | Annual Reports
                    Around the world, tens of millions of men and women strive every day to improve their lives through private enterprise. Over time, their individual accomplishments can add up to wholesale economic and political transformation. Bu...

Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

02.14.2013 | Articles | Anna Kompanek
Entrepreneurship is not only among the most fundamental human endeavors, but it is also at the core of vibrant market economies around the world. This article addresses the significance of entrepreneurship to democratic and economic development by focusing on two key elements of entrepreneurship-dri...

Looking Toward the Future: The Business Case for Corporate Governance

01.31.2013 | Articles | John D. Sullivan, Anna Kompanek
The essence of inclusive market economies is the institutional framework where private entrepreneurs have the opportunities to create and build wealth, to maximize their value to society, and to grow the economy of their countries. Corporate governance is a key element of that framework because it h...

Guide to Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

01.01.2013 | Guides & Tools | Maiko Nakagaki, Colin Bueger, Lauren Citrome, Molly Brister, Anna Kompanek
This guidebook is a resource for chambers of commerce, associations, and other business-oriented groups seeking to address some of the obstacles that young people face as they attempt to enter the economy in their communities. Its purpose is to share practical lessons practices from youth entreprene...

2011 Annual Report

04.23.2012 | Annual Reports
  Throughout 2011, CIPE’s partners and programs showcased the crucial role that the private sector plays in economic reform and democratic development. This report highlights our partners, their successes and achievements, and the exceptional nature of their work. View the 2011 annual report...

Guide to Women’s Empowerment Programs

03.20.2012 | Guides & Tools | Aleksandra Shkolnikov, Anna Kompanek, Lauren Citrome
Creating a legitimate system of democratic governance is impossible to achieve without the full inclusion of women, as they account for roughly half of our society. In order to support those interested in implementing women’s empowerment programs, this guidebook provides background information on ...

A Resource Handbook for Economic and Business Journalists

02.10.2012 | Guides & Tools | Syed Asad Hussain
The media has the responsibility to provide society with objective, accurate, and timely information of economic trends and events, however incomprehensible jargon is regularly used in news reports without an explanation of the context and meaning of such words, thereby alienating ordinary readers o...
87 Items