Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Pakistan: A Struggling Economy Destroyed by COVID-19

07.02.2020 | Articles | Dr. S Akbar Zaidi
Introduction On 12 June, Pakistan’s annual budget for the fiscal year 2020-21 (beginning 1 July) was presented in Parliament, laying out the government’s policies and strategies for the next twelve months.[1] On the same day, Pakistan registered its single highest increase in coronavirus cases i...

Summary Edition – Mitigating Governance Risks From Investment in Southeast Asia

06.03.2020 | Case Studies
A Study of Chinese Capital Flows to Six Countries Economic development and growth are fueling outbound capital flows from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to global destinations. One region in particular has become a prominent recipient of Chinese capital: Southeast Asia. Geographic proximity,...

Mitigating Governance Risks From Investment in Southeast Asia

04.08.2020 | Case Studies
A Study of Chinese Capital Flows to Six Countries Chinese outward investments have increased substantially in recent years, especially after 2013’s introduction of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). BRI is the most ambitious infrastructure investment effort in recent history. The effect of BRI in...

Channeling the Tide: Protecting Democracies Amid a Flood of Corrosive Capital

Introduction & Summary There is an alarming trend occurring worldwide that threatens democracy and free market principles. A growing volume of evidence indicates that many forms of capital emanating from authoritarian nations are having a corrosive effect on democratic institutions a...

2016 Annual Report

06.20.2017 | Annual Reports |
In 2016, CIPE worked on over 130 projects in more than 50 countries. With projects spanning the globe, CIPE supports democratic and economic development in some of the world’s most challenging regions. Working in countries ranging from young and transition democracies to authoritarian non-democra...

2015 Annual Report

01.06.2016 | Annual Reports |
CIPE published its 2015 annual report in an all-digital, interactive format for the first time. Since the establishment of CIPE in 1983, the world has gone through many changes. CIPE has been at the forefront of promoting democratic governance and economic freedom around the globe. Our work is as ...
41 Items