Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Governance Principles for Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce

11.06.2011 | Guides & Tools
Good governance is essential to creating business associations that are independent and mission-driven, can grow a broad membership base, can be responsible financial stewards, provide membership services, and effectively represent their member interests in the public policy process. Having this in ...

Making the Most of Public-Private Dialogue: An Advocacy Approach

05.01.2011 | Articles | Kim Eric Bettcher
Public-private dialogue strengthens policymaking by incorporating valuable private input and creating momentum for reform. For dialogue to be most productive, the private sector must take initiative to advocate for its priorities in a participatory policy process. This toolkit aids business leaders ...

Strategies for Policy Reform Volume 2: Engaging in Democratic Governance

03.06.2010 | Case Studies
Strategies for Policy Reform, Volume 2 reveals how local reformers in partnership with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) have transformed policy dialogue in their countries to create a vibrant private sector and civil society. This volume presents models of effective, innovative...

Promoting Youth Development: Policy options and reform recommendations

08.05.2009 | Articles | Eric Hontz
In order to capture the potential of the dramatic increase in the youth population, new policies need to be developed in an inclusive manner. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s business leaders and elected officials. A well-crafted set of policies developed with the input of youth is critical for the ...

How to Advocate Effectively: Guidebook for Business Associations

10.10.2007 | Guides & Tools
While CIPE actively helps business organizations around the world to develop and implement their advocacy programs, it’s important for program managers to fully understand how and why advocacy efforts must adapt to the internal environment in a given country – whether it is political upheaval or...

Strategies for Policy Reform: Experiences from Around the World

06.01.2007 | Case Studies | Kim Eric Bettcher, Teodora Mihaylova, Julie Johnson
This book presents case studies of effective, innovative reform programs designed and implemented by business associations, think tanks, and other independent organizations in partnership with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). Each chapter illustrates an important theme in the ...

National Business Agenda Guidebook

06.01.2006 | Guides & Tools
A national business agenda (NBA) is a vital tool for the business community to encourage investment and stimulate business activity and economic growth. Developing an agenda mobilizes the business community to use its skills to effect public policy reform by setting legislative and regulatory priori...

Business Associations and Democratic Reform

01.22.2004 | Articles | John D. Sullivan
Although most groups involved in the process of democratic, market-based reform are well aware of the important economic policy fundamentals – such as macroeconomic stabilization, trade liberalization, and privatization necessary to achieve it, there is perhaps less awareness of the political dime...

Business Associations for the 21st Century – 2007

07.25.1997 | Articles | Mark McCord
As the competitive environment becomes increasingly challenging, this reading offers key advice to business leader’s seeking to create powerful and sustainable business associations that can effectively adapt to our rapidly changing world. Download the article for more information.
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