Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Building a Shared Vision for Economic Reform in Yemen

11.19.2014 | Case Studies | Ali Ayadi, Matthew Goodwin
Introduction Following the 2011 popular uprising that toppled a decades-long authoritarian regime, Yemen began transitioning to democracy. The uprising was largely in response to the systemic failure of the previous regime to adopt policies capable of generating economic opportunity. Private sector ...

Giving the Private Sector in Afghanistan a Voice in Policymaking

11.06.2014 | Case Studies | Teodora Mihaylova
Introduction The objective of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) in Afghanistan has been to advance democracy by building the infrastructure for informed and effective public-private dialogue. For the first time, the Afghan private sector gained a voice in the policymaking proces...

Achieving Democratic Gains through Corporate Governance in Palestine

09.17.2014 | Case Studies | Stephen Rosenlund, Hirsham Awartani
Introduction Since its establishment in 2011 as the first independent civil society organization devoted wholly to the promotion of good corporate governance in Palestine, the Palestine Governance Institute (PGI) has created and expanded the space for democratic dialogue and debate in the Palestinia...

Tashabos: An Education in Entrepreneurship

11.23.2010 | Case Studies | Xiaohang Liu
In 2004, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) recognized the need for students in Afghanistan to learn entrepreneurial and business skills in addition to their core studies. This case study, and this separate installment of highlights specifically from the Bamiyan Province capture...

CIPE Guide to Program Development

01.01.2009 | Guides & Tools | Kim Eric Bettcher
The CIPE Guide to Program Development introduces techniques and principles that are essential to the development of robust reform agendas. This guide explains how CIPE assists private sector citizens in designing and implementing their own reforms tailored to their country’s situation. Helping bui...

Helping Build Democracy that Delivers

11.15.2007 | Guides & Tools | Kim Eric Bettcher
The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is unique among groups that support democratization in that it mobilizes the private sector—business communities, economic think tanks, business journalists—for reform by making “the business case for democracy.” By understanding the loc...
18 Items