Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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An Analysis of the Impact of EAEU Accession on the Kyrgyz Republic

12.08.2020 | Case Studies | Kubanychbek Sagaliev
This blog is part of the series, “Joining the Eurasian Economic Union: Perspectives from the Eurasian Business Community.” It features analysis from renowned economists from EAEU member states and Uzbekistan. This series follows the CIPE-supported virtual roundtable held on October 13, 2020 in p...

Association Board Workbook

05.21.2020 | Guides & Tools | Robert C. Harris
Introduction An association or chamber is a group of persons working together to advance a cause or mission. Nonprofit organizations have served the USA for more than 150 years. With 1.5 million nonprofit, exempt organizations, the common traits are a 1) mission statement and 2) a volunteer board of...

Association Rebound Checklist

05.21.2020 | Guides & Tools | Robert C. Harris
Success Formula Author Robert C. Harris analyzed the success of the organizations that were well positioned at the onset of the pandemic. Three principles are obvious: ✓ TECHNOLOGY – They had already invested in technology. They had familiarity with the technology and platforms, allowing seamles...

Leading Practice: Instituto Invertir – EmprendeAhora

11.11.2019 | Case Studies
Organization: Instituto Invertir Country: Peru Name of the Practice/Program: EmprendeAhora Start date: February 2008   1. What is the problem addressed by this practice? EmprendeAhora is a training program that was design to change the bad attitudes and wrong concepts that university studen...

Why Institutions are Essential to Entrepeneurship

10.15.2019 | Articles | Mary M. Shirley
Article at a glance The gradual emergence of economic institutions encouraged impersonal, long-distance trade to flourish. Entrepreneurship will flourish only in economies where institutions reduce transaction costs, protect property and individuals from private theft and state confiscation, and en...

L’UNACOIS, Voix des Commerçants

12.20.2018 | Articles | Bacary Dabo
Cet article a été publié sur Medium.   L’ Union Nationale des Commerçants et Industriels du Sénégal (UNACOIS) est devenue une véritable force de proposition dans le dialogue public-privé et un partenaire stratégique de l’Etat. Celle-ci est une position acquise après de longues an...

Lessons in Democratic Development

05.25.2018 | Case Studies | John D. Sullivan
For 35 years, the Center for International Private Enterprise has participated in a worldwide effort to build the institutions of markets and democracy. During that time, CIPE has developed a number of innovative programs in partnership with business associations, think tanks, and other nongovernmen...

Transitioning to Formality – A Handbook for Policymakers and Business Enterprises

03.01.2017 | Guides & Tools
This Handbook is designed to provide a comprehensive and realistic roadmap for integrating the informal sector1 in the formal economy. It is intended to serve as a resource to provide a foundation for facilitating consensus-building between informal enterprises and state entities relevant to the pro...
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