Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

10.30.2014 | Case Studies | Marc Schleifer, Maiko Nakagaki
Introduction Since the 1980s, a remarkable transformation has been underway in Bangladesh. Once the scene of chronic famine, the country is now food self-sufficient, and its economy has averaged around 6 percent growth in recent years. In the process, a booming, export-oriented garment sector has ge...

Improving the Environment for Entrepreneurship in Nepal

08.13.2014 | Case Studies | Teodora Mihaylova, Sarita Sapkota
Introduction In 2006, Nepal emerged from a decade long insurgency and centuries-old monarchical governance. The country was undergoing a transition to democracy, characterized by elections and the adoption of a new constitution. Recognizing an opening in this new political context Samriddhi, The Pro...

Developing Entrepreneurial Talent and Leadership Among Youth in Peru

08.13.2014 | Case Studies | Brent Ruth
Introduction Since the early 2000s Peru has seen a period of sustained economic growth and poverty reduction, as well as three successive transitions of power via democratic elections. Despite this, not everyone believes their lives have improved as a result of democracy and free markets in their cu...

Creating the Environment for Entrepreneurial Success

01.01.2014 | Guides & Tools | Karen Kerrigan, Daniel Cordova, Lynda de la Viña, Hernando De Soto, Ryan Patrick G. Evangelista, Majdi Hassen, Robert Litan, Anna Kompanek, Jonathan Ortmans, John Murphy, Douglas Randall, Majid Shabbir, Andrew Sherman, John D. Sullivan, Kim Eric Bettcher
Creating the Environment for Entrepreneurial Success is a special report that highlights the crucial environmental dimension of entrepreneurship ecosystems. Improving the conditions for entrepreneurship and leveling the playing field goes beyond the effort to help promising entrepreneurs. It expands...

Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

02.14.2013 | Articles | Anna Kompanek
Entrepreneurship is not only among the most fundamental human endeavors, but it is also at the core of vibrant market economies around the world. This article addresses the significance of entrepreneurship to democratic and economic development by focusing on two key elements of entrepreneurship-dri...

Looking Toward the Future: The Business Case for Corporate Governance

01.31.2013 | Articles | John D. Sullivan, Anna Kompanek
The essence of inclusive market economies is the institutional framework where private entrepreneurs have the opportunities to create and build wealth, to maximize their value to society, and to grow the economy of their countries. Corporate governance is a key element of that framework because it h...

Guide to Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

01.01.2013 | Guides & Tools | Maiko Nakagaki, Colin Bueger, Lauren Citrome, Molly Brister, Anna Kompanek
This guidebook is a resource for chambers of commerce, associations, and other business-oriented groups seeking to address some of the obstacles that young people face as they attempt to enter the economy in their communities. Its purpose is to share practical lessons practices from youth entreprene...

Building Institutions that Make Property Markets Work

11.30.2011 | Articles | Anna Kompanek
Understanding of property rights often remains limited to property titles, without deeper appreciation of the underlying and interconnected institutions that make property rights meaningful and allow property markets to function. This study utilizes the International Property Markets Scorecard creat...

Tashabos: An Education in Entrepreneurship

11.23.2010 | Case Studies | Xiaohang Liu
In 2004, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) recognized the need for students in Afghanistan to learn entrepreneurial and business skills in addition to their core studies. This case study, and this separate installment of highlights specifically from the Bamiyan Province capture...
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