Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Democratic Governance and the Performance of Democracy

09.15.2010 | Articles | Larry Diamond
In this in-depth analysis written by Larry Diamond, he touches on the necessary checks and balances that are essential to monitor, constrain, expose, and punish the abuse of power within democracies. The legitimacy of democracy – as measured both directly by support for democracy as the best f...

2009 Annual Report

04.01.2010 | Annual Reports
                                        Throughout 2009, CIPE worked across the globe to support reformers fighting for democracy and market economies. This report highlights our partners, their succ...

Strategies for Policy Reform Volume 2: Engaging in Democratic Governance

03.06.2010 | Case Studies
Strategies for Policy Reform, Volume 2 reveals how local reformers in partnership with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) have transformed policy dialogue in their countries to create a vibrant private sector and civil society. This volume presents models of effective, innovative...

Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism: What Is a Market Economy and How Can It Deliver?

01.30.2010 | Articles | Robert Litan
Article at a glance The traditional approach to studying economic growth overlooks the importance of individuals and individual firms. Market economies are not monolithic – there are four different types of capitalism (oligarchic, state-guided, big-firm, and entrepreneurial), each with different ...

25 Year Impact Evaluation

01.01.2010 | Evaluations | Kim Eric Bettcher, Joel Scanlon, Nigina Malikova, Steven B. Rogers
On the occasion of the Center for International Private Enterprise’s (CIPE) 25th anniversary, this internal evaluation study reviews the accomplishments and lessons of the past 10 years and reflects on a quarter century of progress. The report encompasses both micro-level project impact and macro-...

Corporate Governance – The Intersection of Public and Private Reform

09.04.2009 | Guides & Tools | Eric Hontz, Aleksandra Shkolnikov
Introduction: The Linkages between Corporate Governance and Development Successful development efforts demand a holistic approach, in which various programs and strategies are recognized for their important contributions to progress and prosperity. In this regard, linkages between corporate governan...

Promoting Youth Development: Policy options and reform recommendations

08.05.2009 | Articles | Eric Hontz
In order to capture the potential of the dramatic increase in the youth population, new policies need to be developed in an inclusive manner. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s business leaders and elected officials. A well-crafted set of policies developed with the input of youth is critical for the ...
115 Items