Handbook: Anti-Corruption Diagnostic Framework

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The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is a world leader in developing sophisticated ways to counter corruption in emerging markets. Beginning in 2016, CIPE has developed a rapid response anti-corruption program that seeks to address the failures of anti-corruption responses in countries like Afghanistan and Ukraine. Taking inspiration from the Justice Rapid Response program, CIPE’s approach quickly deploys staff and resources to countries around the world that are experiencing a window of opportunity for significant anti-corruption reform. These deployments, in turn, help governments build the foundation for sustainable, durable democratic transitions.

To be effective, anti-corruption planners must be better prepared to identify high-potential countries for anti-corruption reform. The CIPE Anti-Corruption Diagnostic Framework Handbook provides donors and anti-corruption organizations with such an approach. When followed, the framework presented in the Handbook helps anti-corruption researchers sharpen their understanding of a country’s specific social-political context, the role corruption plays in the society, and the different actors and institutions that have and regulate power and access to resources. This free-to-access Handbook can be downloaded using the link above.

Published Date: September 30, 2021