Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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U.S. – Bahrain Free Trade Agreement User’s Guide

01.13.2023 | Guides & Tools
This User’s Guide is designed to provide information about the U.S.-Bahrain FTA in an accessible format and to highlight the advantages it provides for American and Bahraini companies. The FTA is an agreement between Bahrain and the U.S. on certain obligations that affect trade in goods and se...

An Assessment of Women’s Rights in Corporate Compliance Programs in Turkey

09.12.2022 | Case Studies
Report by PAR Research and Consultancy Inc. and CIPE on Women’s Rights in Corporate Compliance Programs in Turkey PAR Research and Consultancy Inc. and CIPE have developed a comprehensive report on corporate compliance programs that address women’s rights in Turkey. The report outlines exi...

Refugee Entrepreneurship: The Current Status of Syrian-led SMEs in Turkey

08.23.2022 | Articles | Doğan Çelik, Nazlı Kazanoğlu
Executive Summary:  Since 2011, the Syrian Civil War has displaced six million Syrians internally and five million externally. Today, 3.6 million of those who fled their country are living in Turkey. With the support of national and international humanitarian aid and development organisations, the ...

New Post-Conflict Trends: A New Resilience Challenge

05.03.2022 | Articles
The war in Ukraine has had profound political and economic effects across the Middle East and North Africa. In Tunisia, which imported 56% of its wheat from Ukraine and Russia over the last five years, food prices rose 13 percent just in the month of March. Prices of key staples such as grain, meat,...

Public Perception of Economic and Social Reforms in Tunisia

03.08.2022 | Case Studies | CIPE
In Tunisia, CIPE is engaging civil society to inject fresh thinking into a repetitive and stagnant public debate over economic reform. CIPE adapted the questionnaire it used in Bolivia and Ukraine to the Tunisian context and hired Elka Consulting, a leading Tunisian research firm, to conduct a surve...

Samriddhi – Arthalaya

11.11.2019 | Case Studies
Organization:  Samriddhi – The Prosperity Foundation Country: Nepal Name of the Practice/Program: Arthalaya: A School of Economics and Entrepreneurship. Start date: January 2009   1. What is the problem addressed by this practice? Owing to predominant socialist thoughts in the political-econ...

Case Study: Tunisia National Business Agenda and Regional Business Agendas

10.15.2019 | Case Studies
A national business agenda (NBA) is a vital tool for the business community to encourage investment and stimulate business activity and economic growth. Developing an agenda mobilizes the business community to use its skills to effect public policy reform by setting legislative and regulatory priori...
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