Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Private Sector How-To Guides to Assess and Incorporate Gender Equity Practices

04.19.2023 | Guides & Tools
CIPE partnered with EAFIT University in Medellin, Colombia, to research how private sector companies can integrate gender equity policies and initiatives at the company level. EAFIT University is a member of the Business Alliance for Gender Equity in Antioquia, a public-private initiative launched i...

Fundación Libertad: White Paper on the Private Sector in Argentina

07.15.2022 | Articles
Introduction: Argentine democracy is in a worrying state, and not only because of the weak respect that the current government shows regarding democratic and republican principles, division of powers, regard for justice and freedom of the press. These problems are complex and politics by itself is t...

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Guatemala

02.15.2022 | Case Studies | CIPE
The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) works with the Red Nacional de Grupos Gestores (RNGG) to support women’s economic empowerment in Guatemala, especially in rural communities where women face the most serious challenges. In 2021, CIPE launched a pilot Women’s Business Resourc...

Good Business Practices for Gender Equality

01.19.2022 | Guides & Tools
Since 2018, a series of conversations among different organizations in Medellin, Colombia, about the existence of gender gaps in the business sector have led to the creation of strategies that could address the root causes and close the identified gaps. Concerns raised by the private sector resulted...

Public Perception of Economic and Social Reforms in Bolivia

11.29.2021 | Case Studies | CIPE
In Bolivia, CIPE worked with an advocacy business group to help frame reform priorities, based on credible economic arguments, by incorporating the perspectives of civil society. To understand what the public thought about which reforms were needed, CIPE designed a survey and contracted CiesMor...

Leading Practice: Instituto Invertir – EmprendeAhora

11.11.2019 | Case Studies
Organization: Instituto Invertir Country: Peru Name of the Practice/Program: EmprendeAhora Start date: February 2008   1. What is the problem addressed by this practice? EmprendeAhora is a training program that was design to change the bad attitudes and wrong concepts that university studen...

Leading Practice: Fedesarrollo – Policy Paper and Presidential Debates

10.31.2019 | Case Studies
Organization: Fedesarrollo Country: Colombia Name of the Practice/Program: Policy Papers and 2010 Presidential Debates Start date: October 2009   1. What is the problem this practice addresses? Following a first round election on May 30, Colombians elected a President in a run-off on June 20, 2010....
20 Items