Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Women Alliance of Business Associations in Zimbabwe (WABAZ)

08.31.2021 | Case Studies
Zimbabwe has battled democratic and economic instability since the early 2000s, leaving women and marginalized groups excluded from political and economic leadership. Government reform in 2009 provided one of the first opportunities for women to engage in economic policy and play a more visible role...

Africa Business Ethics Conference (ABEC), Nigeria 2020 — Conference White Paper

08.27.2021 | Articles
Introductory Note:  Looking ahead as CIPE publishes the Africa Business Ethics Conference (ABEC) 2020 White Paper summarizing the key takeaways from the conference, we are excited to announce that the place and date for ABEC 2021 has been fixed for Nairobi, Kenya around anticorruption week i...

The Role of Women Entrepreneurs in Regional Stability in the Sahel

04.30.2021 | Case Studies | CIPE
CIPE is dedicated to supporting innovative solutions that support women business leaders and entrepreneurs across the Sahel. As an example of our approach, on March 16, CIPE hosted a virtual event titled, Contribution de l’Entrepreneuriat Féminin à la Stabilité au Sahel in collaboration with th...

A Users’ Manual on Registering and Operating CSOs, BMOs, and Business Start-Ups in Ethiopia

03.30.2021 | Guides & Tools | CIPE East Africa Regional Office in Addis Ababa
The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), in collaboration with the African Civic Leadership Program (ACLP), is proud to present A Users’ Manual on Registering and Operating CSOs, BMOs, and Business Start-Ups in Ethiopia. This legal guide for Ethiopian Civil Society Organiz...

Corruption Risk Mapping in Kenya’s Private Sector

03.24.2021 | Case Studies | Charles Otieno
This is a report on the Corruption Risk Mapping (CRM) and Anti-Bribery Compliance Assessment conducted in November 2018 in the Private Sector on behalf of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). The study mapped out the risk of corruption to businesses operating in Kenya and with the purpose of p...

Young Entrepreneurs Forum Members Discuss Digital Transformation in Ethiopia

01.29.2021 | Case Studies | CIPE East Africa Regional Office in Addis Ababa
We asked nine members of the Young Entrepreneurs Forum to tell us what they see as the biggest opportunities and challenges facing digital transformation in Ethiopia. Summaries of their responses: Mohammed, 20 Technology and Practice Oriented Education Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Q: If you could change an...
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