Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Improving the Business Environment for Mauritanian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

11.29.2022 | Guides & Tools | Anna Cutler
The Club des Entrepreneurs de Mauritanie (CEM) recently released an activity report with contributions from the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) that provides recommendations on how to build an economic development model that raises the profile of SMEs for wealth generation. This r...

Interest Group Participation in Government Groups in Kenya

11.15.2022 | Case Studies | David Irwin, Mercy Kyande
Background on Research Conducted in Kenya on Interest Groups and their Effectiveness The objective of interest groups and business associations is to influence public policy. These organizations accomplish this by engaging in dialogue and advocacy with policymakers, both elected and unelected. A pot...

The Research of Legal Regulation and Practice of Working Time Recording

11.04.2022 | Articles
The research of legal regulation and practice of working time recording was based on the study of EU Directive 2003/88, legal regulation models of EU member states, European practice, the 2019 decision of the CJEU, as well as the Georgian practice. The research document was commissioned by Center fo...

The State of Federalism in Nepal

11.04.2022 | Evaluations
Introduction This report has two main purposes: first, to thoroughly examine how well federalism has been implemented in Nepal, how much federalism reforms have improved Nepal’s governance, and what directions federalism might take in the future; second, to evaluate the Center for International Pr...

SCALE Good Governance Guidebook

09.15.2022 | Guides & Tools | Kenneth Isaiah Ibasco Abante, Jeshamar C. Villasis, Reycel Hyacenth Nacario Bendaña, Jego Antonio T. Yap, Ryan Patrick Garcia-Evangelista, Kim Eric Bettcher, Srujana Penumetcha Huerter, Janessa B. Santelices
The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and WeSolve Foundation present “Making Together Work: Support for Coalition Advocacy Learning and Engagement in Good Governance” Coalition building has been discussed extensively in the fields of collective impact, social work, social chang...

An Assessment of Women’s Rights in Corporate Compliance Programs in Turkey

09.12.2022 | Case Studies
Report by PAR Research and Consultancy Inc. and CIPE on Women’s Rights in Corporate Compliance Programs in Turkey PAR Research and Consultancy Inc. and CIPE have developed a comprehensive report on corporate compliance programs that address women’s rights in Turkey. The report outlines exi...

11 Questions and Answers about Women on Boards

08.26.2022 | Guides & Tools
The Importance of Women’s Representation on Boards CIPE’s Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment and partner, the Corporate Governance Center (CGC) foundation in Armenia, collaborated to publish “11 Questions and Answers about Women on Boards” based on the CGC’s Women on Boards trai...

Refugee Entrepreneurship: The Current Status of Syrian-led SMEs in Turkey

08.23.2022 | Articles | Doğan Çelik, Nazlı Kazanoğlu
Executive Summary:  Since 2011, the Syrian Civil War has displaced six million Syrians internally and five million externally. Today, 3.6 million of those who fled their country are living in Turkey. With the support of national and international humanitarian aid and development organisations, the ...

Tax Guide for Micro and Small Enterprises in Addis Ababa

08.19.2022 | Guides & Tools
The Taxation Guidebook for Micro and Small Enterprises in Addis Ababa provides an overview of the current tax legislation for Ethiopian micro and small businesses. The guidebook provides an overview of the tax legislation issued by the Ethiopian government and includes useful information regarding t...

Inclusive Communication: Gender-Sensitive, Inclusive and Accessible Language

08.18.2022 | Guides & Tools
Background: “Inclusive Communication: Gender-Sensitive, Inclusive and Accessible Language” consolidates current standards and practices as defined by multilateral international and humanitarian organizations for more inclusive English-language communication. The document incorporates internatio...

Small and Medium Enterprises in Bangladesh: An Assessment Report

08.03.2022 | Evaluations
Bangladesh has a vibrant Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector which can be divided into 33 subsectors of products and services. Available data shows that SMEs constitute 50.91 percent of the micro-economic sector, employs 35.41 percent of workers, and contributes 48.41 percent to Bangladesh’s ...

Fundación Libertad: White Paper on the Private Sector in Argentina

07.15.2022 | Articles
Introduction: Argentine democracy is in a worrying state, and not only because of the weak respect that the current government shows regarding democratic and republican principles, division of powers, regard for justice and freedom of the press. These problems are complex and politics by itself is t...
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