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Changing Destinies: How Entrepreneurs Help Build Democracy

11.16.2017 | Articles | Kim E. Bettcher
Entrepreneurs drive change. They provide ideas, initiative, and leadership that invigorate development and transform society. Young, growing firms lead economic change by propelling gains in productivity and employment. In doing so, they reshape attitudes, social relations, and institutions. They ar...

Democratic Backsliding in Bulgaria

07.31.2017 | Articles | Martina Hrvolova
The Institute for Market Economics (IME), an independent economic policy think tank in Bulgaria, has sought to define the main challenges to democracy, investigating their roots and identifying possible solutions. In addition to its research, IME recently conducted two surveys. The general sentiment...

Transitioning to Formality – A Handbook for Policymakers and Business Enterprises

03.01.2017 | Guides & Tools
This Handbook is designed to provide a comprehensive and realistic roadmap for integrating the informal sector1 in the formal economy. It is intended to serve as a resource to provide a foundation for facilitating consensus-building between informal enterprises and state entities relevant to the pro...

Guide to Youth Advocacy

04.14.2015 | Guides & Tools | Maiko Nakagaki, Anna Kompanek, Frank Stroker
Young people play an essential role in driving innovation in policy by injecting new ideas and solutions into the legislative process. However, engaging youth in policy advocacy can be both challenging and counterproductive, as misinterpretations can easily be made regarding such a broad range of pe...

CIPE Guide to Governance Reform

08.27.2014 | Guides & Tools | Kim E. Bettcher
The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has developed proven techniques for advancing democratic and market reforms, which private sector groups around the world have used to improve the business environment and the quality of governance. The CIPE Guide to Governance Reform introduces...

REFORM Toolkit: Expanding Access to Information

05.22.2013 | Guides & Tools | Kim E. Bettcher, Frank Stroker, Anna Weber
Making the right information available to the right people helps them to lead change. This toolkit identifies core objectives and approaches in the field of access to information to guide the design of information programs. Based on CIPE’s experience, the toolkit shares key practices and lessons t...

Looking Toward the Future: The Business Case for Corporate Governance

01.31.2013 | Articles | John D. Sullivan, Anna Kompanek
The essence of inclusive market economies is the institutional framework where private entrepreneurs have the opportunities to create and build wealth, to maximize their value to society, and to grow the economy of their countries. Corporate governance is a key element of that framework because it h...
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