Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Small and Medium Enterprises in Bangladesh: An Assessment Report

08.03.2022 | Evaluations
Bangladesh has a vibrant Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector which can be divided into 33 subsectors of products and services. Available data shows that SMEs constitute 50.91 percent of the micro-economic sector, employs 35.41 percent of workers, and contributes 48.41 percent to Bangladesh’s ...

Public Perception of Economic and Social Reforms in Tunisia

03.08.2022 | Case Studies | CIPE
In Tunisia, CIPE is engaging civil society to inject fresh thinking into a repetitive and stagnant public debate over economic reform. CIPE adapted the questionnaire it used in Bolivia and Ukraine to the Tunisian context and hired Elka Consulting, a leading Tunisian research firm, to conduct a surve...

Do Free Trade Zones Stimulate Entrepreneurship? New Evidence from China

02.28.2022 | Case Studies | CIPE
In a paper produced with support from the Center for International Private Enterprise, the authors look at the effects of China’s 2017 free trade zone (FTZ) program. They write: “we adopt the difference-in-difference techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of FTZ policies in encouraging ent...

Labor Legislation Guidebook for Georgian Employers

02.18.2022 | Guides & Tools | CIPE
The Labor Legislation Guidebook for Georgian Employers provides an overview for Georgian employers on the new labor legislation passed by the Georgian Parliament in 2020. The brochure provides an overview of important updates related to the Labor Code, including changes to general provisions, bylaws...

How to Write a Policy Brief

02.11.2022 | Guides & Tools
The purpose of a policy memo is to inform and persuade lawmakers to take action regarding a particular issue. A policy brief succinctly presents a practical policy solution to a concrete problem. It moves from the identification of an issue, through evidence and a line of analysis, to reach a basis ...

Young Entrepreneurs Forum Members Discuss Digital Transformation in Ethiopia

01.29.2021 | Case Studies | CIPE East Africa Regional Office in Addis Ababa
We asked nine members of the Young Entrepreneurs Forum to tell us what they see as the biggest opportunities and challenges facing digital transformation in Ethiopia. Summaries of their responses: Mohammed, 20 Technology and Practice Oriented Education Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Q: If you could change an...

Armenia and the Eurasian Economic Union

12.08.2020 | Case Studies | Vahagn Khachaturyan
This resource is part of the series, “Joining the Eurasian Economic Union: Perspectives from the Eurasian Business Community,” which features analysis from renowned economists from EAEU member states and Uzbekistan. This series follows the CIPE-supported virtual roundtable held on October 13, 20...
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