Over the years, CIPE has actively contributed to policy discussions and thought leadership in the democracy and economic communities.
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Interest Group Participation in Government Groups in Kenya

11.15.2022 | Case Studies | David Irwin, Mercy Kyande
Background on Research Conducted in Kenya on Interest Groups and their Effectiveness The objective of interest groups and business associations is to influence public policy. These organizations accomplish this by engaging in dialogue and advocacy with policymakers, both elected and unelected. A pot...

Refugee Entrepreneurship: The Current Status of Syrian-led SMEs in Turkey

08.23.2022 | Articles | Doğan Çelik, Nazlı Kazanoğlu
Executive Summary:  Since 2011, the Syrian Civil War has displaced six million Syrians internally and five million externally. Today, 3.6 million of those who fled their country are living in Turkey. With the support of national and international humanitarian aid and development organisations, the ...

Leading People and Organizations: Self-Guided Learning

03.16.2022 | Guides & Tools
The role that good leadership, and good leadership practices play, cannot be underestimated in the success of any organization, whether multinational or small entrepreneurial enterprise.  This training was designed to provide you with an understanding of foundational leadership issues so that you ...

Public Perception of Economic and Social Reforms in Tunisia

03.08.2022 | Case Studies | CIPE
In Tunisia, CIPE is engaging civil society to inject fresh thinking into a repetitive and stagnant public debate over economic reform. CIPE adapted the questionnaire it used in Bolivia and Ukraine to the Tunisian context and hired Elka Consulting, a leading Tunisian research firm, to conduct a surve...

How to Write a Policy Brief

02.11.2022 | Guides & Tools
The purpose of a policy memo is to inform and persuade lawmakers to take action regarding a particular issue. A policy brief succinctly presents a practical policy solution to a concrete problem. It moves from the identification of an issue, through evidence and a line of analysis, to reach a basis ...
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Corrosive Capital: Known Unknowns

01.12.2022 | Articles | Adam Goldstein, Eric Hontz
Introduction Since 2015, CIPE has observed authoritarian governments pursuing international investment agendas as a means to exert influence and undermine markets in emerging democracies around the world. These investments pose a systemic threat to democracies and free and inclusive markets. CIPE ha...
13 Items