Democracy that Delivers #358: Why BHP is Boosting Beneficial Ownership Transparency and Sustainability, with Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson, Chief Compliance Officer at BHP, joined CIPE’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center (ACGC) podcast on the margins of December’s International Anti-Corruption Conference to discuss why BHP – one of the world’s largest mining companies – has chosen to actively prioritize integrity and business ownership transparency with its partners and global supply chain. As he shares, “effective anti-corruption measures and an effective anti-corruption environment…helps promote a level playing field…[and] prevents corrupt companies from gaining an unfair and illegal advantage when competing.” Listen now to hear Robinson discuss the specific initiatives that BHP is a part of, including beneficial ownership initiatives and commitments to a sustainable transition to a clean energy future. This episode is co-hosted by Michele Crymes, ACGC Program Director, and Ben Schmidt, Program Officer with ACGC.

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Published Date: February 23, 2023