Democracy that Delivers #302: What to Do About Corruption Enablers with Frank Vogl

Frank Vogl, Frank Brown, Lola Adekanye |

Anti-Corruption author and Transparency International Co-Founder Frank Vogl joins the CIPE Anti-Corruption & Governance Center podcast this week to discuss his new book, The Enablers: How the West Supports Kleptocrats and Corruption. Vogl reviews the recommendations of his book, which shines a light on the Western financial institutions, lawyers, consultants, and other professionals who enable looting kleptocrats and other corrupt actors around the world. Vogl’s timely book release accompanies a host of major global anti-corruption announcements by the US government in December 2021, including the publication of the U.S. Strategy on Countering Corruption. Listen now to hear Vogl’s analysis of these new announcements, what has inspired him to spend his career asking bold and difficult questions about corruption to global decision-makers, why citizens and citizen-led organizations are the most important global bulwark against corruption, and how to discern the wheat from the chaff after the lofty rhetoric of the Summit for Democracy.

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Published Date: January 06, 2022