Frank Brown

Director, Anti-Corruption & Governance Center
Regions: Global Programs | Focus Areas: Anti-Corruption & Ethics

Frank Brown is the Director of the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center (ACGC). He spearheaded the development of two lines of anti-corruption work unique to the Center for International Private Enterprise, where ACGC is housed. First, ACGC’s Anti-Corruption Rapid Response program swiftly deploys resources to support civil society activists in countries that are experiencing unique opportunities for reform, including Sudan, Armenia, The Gambia, and Malaysia. Second, ACGC’s Integrated Compliance program takes a holistic approach to corporate compliance by examining how labor and environmental standards can be upheld in tandem with anti-corruption requirements. This approach is being applied to Indonesia’s palm oil sector and Malaysia’s medical device supply chain.

Prior to joining CIPE, Brown spent 15 years as a journalist, the last 11 of them based in Moscow, where he was the bureau chief for Newsweek magazine. Throughout his journalistic career, Brown reported on conflicts in Russia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Sri Lanka, as well as on business, politics, and religion. He is a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional with the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.  In addition to Newsweek, Brown has been published in Foreign Policy, The New York Times, Moscow Times, Washington Post, Easton Bulletin, Lakeland Ledger, and Philadelphia Inquirer.  Follow Frank on Twitter.

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