Frank Brown

Director of Anti-Corruption & Governance Center

Frank Brown is the Director of the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center. The Center focuses on streamlining CIPE’s existing programming and exploring innovative approaches based on new partnerships, economic trends, and law enforcement priorities. Before the launch of the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center, Brown covered a portfolio that included Central Asia, Ukraine, and Russia. In Russia, he launched an anti-corruption program aimed at regional, mid-sized businesses and enlisted the support of multi-national corporations doing business in Russia. In addition to his work in Eurasia, Brown worked on cross-regional trade programming with the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, of which CIPE is an implementer.

More recently, Brown has been working on a diverse portfolio that includes the development and implementation of programs related to governance writ large, with a special emphasis on reducing the corrosive effect of corruption. Such programs consist of new interventions that range from risk management in areas beyond corruption, to a holistic, public-private approach to procurement governance, to the use of blockchain technology to improve governance of international trade conventions.

Prior to joining CIPE, Brown spent 15 years as a journalist, the last 11 of them based in Moscow, where he was the bureau chief for Newsweek magazine. Throughout his journalistic career, Brown reported on conflicts in Russia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Sri Lanka, as well as on business, politics, and religion. He is a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional with the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.  Follow Frank on Twitter.

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