Democracy That Delivers #294: Has Compliance Created a ‘Fabrication Culture’ in Emerging Market Businesses? – with Ethics Expert Hui Chen

Hui Chen, an internationally renowned leader in ethics and compliance, discusses the “uncomfortable” position that emerging market small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) occupy with respect to global integrity and anti-corruption standards. Drawing on Chen’s decades of experience driving compliance and ethics changes in the private and public sector, including her service as the first-ever Compliance Counsel Expert at the United States Department of Justice, Chen discusses the impossible situation many SMEs are in when they are told to follow complex compliance guidelines designed for large multi-nationals, while at the same time facing systematically corrupt environments in their home countries that most have little power to change. Listen now on the latest episode of the CIPE Anti-Corruption & Governance Center podcast  to hear more about what current anti-corruption implementation tends to look like among emerging market SMEs, how current practices may be making things worse, and what hard questions must be asked in order to start making things better. Chen is joined by hosts Lola Adekanye, CIPE’s anti-corruption lead in Africa, and Ekaterina Lysova, CIPE Senior Program Officer for Europe and Eurasia.

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Published Date: November 09, 2021