Democracy That Delivers #277: Rapid Response – NDI’s Experience Working through Transitions

Peter Glover |

The 5th episode of CIPE’s anti-corruption rapid response podcast mini-series features the National Democratic Institute‘s Program Director Frieda Arenos and Southern and East Africa Deputy Regional Director Gemima Barlow. Arenos and Barlow share their experiences working with new governments during political transitions and emphasize the human capacity challenges that can face new reformist governments. Arenos and Barlow describe how the transition of civil society leaders to roles within a new government can result in weakened civil society groups, making it difficult for CSOs to play larger roles in transitions. The guests are joined by CIPE Communications Director Ken Jaques and Anti-Corruption & Governance Center Program Officer Peter Glover. Please read more about NDI’s Executive Transitions initiative herehere, and here.

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Published Date: August 19, 2021