Democracy That Delivers #275: Rapid Response – Abigail Bellows

Ken Jaques, Peter Glover |

The latest edition of CIPE’s anti-corruption rapid response podcast mini-series features Abigail Bellows, Non-Resident Scholar with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Bellows speaks about the political character of corruption fighting, including how corruption has undermined support for democracy around the globe. Joined by CIPE Communications Director Ken Jaques and Program Officer Peter Glover, Bellows describes how fast-moving anti-corruption programs can seize windows of opportunity and make big strides against corrupt systems.

Bellows, a thought leader on Twitter and in print, writes about topics like bridging the elite-grassroots divide in anti-corruption programsan anti-corruption agenda for the middle class, and building momentum in the U.S. fight against corruption.

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Published Date: August 12, 2021