The Customs Administrations of the Dominican Republic and Guatemala Sign an MRA

11.03.2021 | Statement/News Release | CIPE

Customs officials from the Guatemala Tax Administration (SAT in Spanish) and the Dominican Customs Authority (DGA in Spanish) signed a formal mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) last week.

Guatemala Customs Director General Werner Ovalle and Dominican Republic Customs Director General Eduardo Sanz Lovatón sign an MRA in Oct. 2021

The signing confirms the compatibility of their trusted trader programs, known as the Authorized Economic Operator Program.

This arrangement, reached under the auspices of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation and the Center for International Private Enterprise, aims to facilitate market access of goods and promote greater economic opportunities between the Dominican Republic and Guatemala.

GATF is an innovative private-public partnership established to promote trade facilitation reforms in developing and least developed countries and advance ratification and implementation of the World Trade Organization (“WTO”) Trade Facilitation Agreement (“TFA”) with the objective of creating opportunities for broad-based economic growth. The Alliance creates a framework for partnership among the private sector, governments, and other stakeholders.