CIPE Unveils Study on Tunisia’s Potential Economic Future

02.15.2022 | Statement/News Release | CIPE

CIPE hosted a virtual event to present and discuss the results of the Perceptions on Tunisia’s Socio-Economic Context survey that was launched as part of the Knowledge Hubs for Democratic Transitions (HUBS) project.

Some 40 participants attended the Feb. 4 event to discuss recent economic instability, democratic upheaval, trust in various institutions, and the public-private relationship. The survey highlighted the current perceptions of democracy and reform in Tunisia.

Most survey respondents say that the economic situation in Tunisia will continue to get worse, and opinions were split regarding the value of democracy in Tunisia – some believe that democracy is always vital, while others would be willing to give up most or all democratic freedoms in exchange for economic improvement.

Additionally, most respondents considered the public and private sector engagement vital for Tunisia’s economic recovery. Overall, the economic situation in Tunisia is severe, and future democratic reforms must be coupled with economic improvements to garner support and improve the lives of Tunisians.

These survey results provide important data that will inform CIPE’s programming in Tunisia moving forward to perpetuate CIPE’s value of local ownership.