CIPE Hosts Roundtable About Informal Economy in Ethiopia

12.15.2021 | CIPE in News | CIPE East Africa Regional Office in Addis Ababa

CIPE’s East Africa Office, in collaboration with Abega Management plc, holds round table discussions on the topic “Advantages and Disadvantages of Informal Economy in Ethiopia” under the project named, “Empowering Marginal Economic Actors through Policy Reform from the Bottom Up.” 

The goal is to inform policy makers about the opportunities and challenges of the informal economy, and help them to see the policy/strategy gaps where attention is needed. Watch an event here:

Those in the discussion stressed that the informal economy has contributed a lot by creating job opportunities for a remarkable proportion of the youth segment of the population in Ethiopia, especially in urban settings.

This in turn requires prior attention by the government to transform the informal jobs to formal ones through easing business entry barriers, providing working premises such as land space and loan with affordable interest rates, adapting the experience of other countries, and involving the diaspora community in voluntary services and capacity building.